Steve AprilBoxer (Country Boy)
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Thursday, February 18, 2016 1:22:28 PM
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Thursday, February 18, 2016 1:39:13 PM
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XNWY Kickinghorse Country Radio
Groovy and 60's Style
Boxing Station (Mayweather vs McGregor)


steve april vocal, guitar, harp (Melody, Lyrics)

mark stein piano, bass, percussion

based on a fight I viewed, awhile back...

it's a tough life, bein' a boxer...concussions, memory problems come with the territory,...
Song Comments

New and Noteworthy
boxer in vegas whose winnin' fites, and losin' his mind lol...

XNWY Kickinghorse Country Radio
Rock that rockabilly rock and rollin' country "Boxer (Country Boy)" tune, Steve. Great song, great groove and great chops ... Kickinghorse Country all the way!

Groovy and 60's Style
Whoa! This is even more so Dylan/Russell-like! Let's throw in a little T-Rex and Flamin Groovies for good measure. Didn't take me long to add 4 of your songs. That is the max I play in a row for any artist. I see your next song is with Bryon T. so that will probably be a "slam-dunk" station add as well! Let's give a listen to his classical works in a bit.

Boxing Station (Mayweather vs McGregor)
girlfriends, managers, agents, a guy in shorts warmin' up in the ring, dedicated to knockin' your block off...amnesia comes w a price...

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