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Wednesday, July 06, 2016 3:51:59 AM
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Sunday, December 31, 2017 6:05:16 AM
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No Division/Separation=HELL! No Purpose For Movement; Not Ever A Thing Lost Nor Hidden Nor Unknown. This Situation Undermines The Whole Purpose For Life: Not A Thing Ever Lost=No Joy Of Discovery. Also, "GOD", Would Be Lonely As Hell With No Reason Nor Purpose For ANY ACTION At All! -M-

Improvisation on Bass and Guitar with a Voice... Embellished!
MortAmor= Bass, Lyrics
Xanthan Gum= Everything Else!

"Separating BLACK from WHITE" means Female And Male As Dark from LIGHT as Eve From Adam As Night From Day(for in the beginning was darkness; darkness cries out, "let there be light!" and a "SUN" is born... having been "CONCIEVED" in that "night"... "mamma" says let their be light and a Son is born(Sun From EVEning... EVE=Darkness and SON=The NEEDED LIGHT, TRUTH, And PURPOSEFUL MOTION)
In the beginning
was “Division”
and God said,
“It was Good”
We’re separated
by His mighty hand
“trapped within the blood”
Our fate is sealed
We “Must Fall”
A “divided house”
can’t stand
Nothing changes
We are all but
“Castles made of Sand”
God divided mankind
Separating “Black” and “White”
He scattered us abroad
Numbering “Day” and “Night”
Since the moment
of creation there has been
“Bloody Violence”
...and “Division”
...”So Mote It Be”
In order for
...and “TO BE”
In the beginning
was “Division”
...and God said,
“It was Good”
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2016 Golden Kayak Nominees!
classic and progressive rock, and guitar instrumental

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