Daniel CannaSun and Day Shine
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Wednesday, July 27, 2016 1:44:54 PM
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Wednesday, July 27, 2016 3:53:11 PM
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Alternative Modern Rock
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Eve's Hooky Cookie


Self explanitory ...

Produced by Jeremy Grenhart - Recorded at Larry Gold's? Historic "The Studio" on 7th Street in Philadelphia PA. Daniel Canna - Writing and vocals,Jeremy Grenhart - Piano, Keys, and Bass (and producer),Nero Catalano - Guitar, Adam Stranburg - Drums, Fabian Brown - Horns, Maxfield Gast - Horns, Mike Billingsley - Horns, Ken Pendegrast - Bass (Nevertheless? Jam) Ryan Moys - Recording Engineer and Mix

I almost didn't put it on the record.. Didn't think it was all that strong (played acoustically).. But when the team got their hands on it.. well you can hear what they did.. :-)
Not gonna post em all.. The one I like the best is "I drew a circle just to keep you out, I kept you out, and then, You drew a bigger one to draw Me in"
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Eve's Hooky Cookie
Nice big song with brass, it's catchy so it makes the Hooky Cookie.

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It's another day to shine

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