Candy Heart Welcome to A - Z of IMP - These are personal choices but hopefully they reflect the best of our community in an interesting and informative way
Chandramoon Many thanks for adding my song Can't Touch The Sky to this lovely station - it's one of my favourites to play live and is a happy or sad song depending on my mood!
Candy Heart It's a real pleasure to listen to your song - a mood maker or a mood breaker indeed
Holworks Thank you for adding Detail Blues. . .you honor me. . .
Candy Heart I enjoyed your song, it made me smile Holworks :)
Todd (Hop On Pop) Thanks so much for adding "Perfect Girl..." and for all the nice things you said!
Candy Heart It was a pleasure Todd - especially as this song had not got it's fair amount of exposure in the past
Richard Scotti Thank u so much for the add and the very positive review. Great concept station!
Neil w Young Thank you very much for adding "Hello, Mary Lou" to your station, and for your kind words, all very much appreciated ... Neil
Neil w Young Thank you, Jillianne.
Candy Heart It's such a joy finding the right songs and artists for the IMP Alphabet - it should be a very big Station ha-ha
NegTen thanks for adding us, we love you.
J.D.Gravis Thank you very much for the add, really enjoying the music on your station!
John Pippus T is for Thank you Jillianne for adding TWYSG here (that’s my abbreviation for the rather long song title :)
Lyin Dan Thanks, J. Ha! Kumah Ma Tata
Jilly Thanks guys, I'm sure you'll all appear again soon :) Hey Lyin Dan, I had to look up the translation for that in case it was an insult Ha-ha
-M- Thanks, Jilly! Lovin' all the Devotion and Time you are spendin' here... makin' the place all... "Special"! THANKS AGAIN!
Candy Heart That was indeed a "Special" thing to write, thanks 'M' your contribution is valued too
Scott This station epitomizes what this site is all about.
-M- Love that "Blooper" of yours too, Scott! ...the way that it goes on and on... Hahaha!
Candy Heart Slight change... artists all listed first in alphabetical order and then the songs likewise
pipandmerry appreciated ..for your kind words and playing shores love to ya pip and merry.
bryon tosoff Thank you so much Jillianne, a wonderful review of my work and of me, so nice. Appreciate the generous words. grateful
Candy Heart Just waiting for the "YOU" songs to be nominated and drawn :)
Jilly That's all Folks - thanks for tuning in
Todd (Hop On Pop) Thank YOU for adding "You..." to the station, Jilly! Glad that you related to it. Much love.
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Compiled by Candy Heart (aka Jillianne Wright)


The A - Z of IMP
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Notable artists and songs alphabetized, plus site features, history, heroes and even villains if I can dig then out :)
There will be an add for Artists and Songs for each letter of the Alphabet plus some features of IMP slotted in - Artists / Features (A-Z) at the top, followed by Songs (A-Z)
I will try to choose more recent songs whenever possible and also artists who are currently active here in the community
Well I got there - completed the IMP alphabet - and it wasn't easy despite it being fun to do... however I think I'll leave it as it is - the page is full and I'm tired :( So until I start a new project I'll just say ..
A = au revoir and Z = zero left to say
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Alone in the Park
A for Azwel - noted for melodic pop songs that have an alternative edge with interesting chords and lyrics. Hailing from NY, Azwel has constantly been an IMP (and Kayak) favorite added to station 2/19/2019 6:30:40 AM
Brit Pop 8283
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B for Blabpipe - a popular New England Rock Band with a 1980s melodic Rock style. They have many great songs here to showcase why they stand out from the rest - Guitar centered Classic Rock with a fresh feel. added to station 2/19/2019 6:43:21 AM
Hard Rock 8283
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Chandra Moon
Can't Touch The Sky
C is for Chandra - a much loved and played IMP artist who has a strong sense of truth, peace, self expression, nature and humanity. With a lovely voice and much musical talent, Chandra, from Bristol, England is best known for her Folk songs and is also a regular live performer. added to station 2/19/2019 8:58:38 AM
Acoustic Alternative 8283
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dorian london
RFC 2018 - Request For Comment
D is for Dorian - A singer/songwriter who we get to know through the music and lyrics only as there is no promotional Bio on the Dorian London page. The many songs added here at IMP seem to be inspired heavily by news, concerns and observations of the World's going's on. The voice is powerful and the music tight and professional sounding. added to station 2/19/2019 10:04:24 AM
Singer/Songwriter 8283
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Ben Elliot
Though The Wind Blows
E is for Elliot (Ben) - a former Best Male Artist and from York (the old one). You can always expect something a bit different from Ben, his songs are often quite theatrical, anthem-like productions. This song is a BIG alt rock pop with some minor chords and penetrating rhythm. But you can't pin this artist down to any particular style or genre, he's just constantly interesting and professional. added to station 2/19/2019 5:04:19 PM
Alternative Pop Rock 8283
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Francesca Tamellini
I Guess I Should Say Thank You
F is for Francesca (Tamellini) A Best female artist twice, I think we all enjoy the clear, sweet vocals and the undulating melodies of many of this lady's original songs. This one almost has a flavor of a Scottish Folk song. It would be a travesty if this young artist didn't get the recognition she deserves. She says "Thank you" here but the IMP artists she has collaborated with must thank her for her generous contribution to the site. added to station 2/19/2019 6:50:12 PM
Acoustic 8283
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J.D. Gravis
Shadow Of The Mountain
G is for Gravis (J.D.) Always a popular artist for connoisseurs of Folk acoustic songs in particular, although Dave often drops in the odd upbeat number. This song is typical, wistful and thoughtful lyrics and the most beautifully rounded vocal, something we have come to expect from this Texan singer songwriter. added to station 2/19/2019 7:26:46 PM
Soft Folk Ballad 8283
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Hop On Pop
A Perfect Girl, A Perfect Tune
H is for Hop (On Pop) - We all know Todd, a great contributor to IMP either singing solo or with a backing band or as a regular part of the IMP community. This Chicago artist is passionate about his own art but very knowledgeable about music generally. Hop On Pop songs are usually quite catchy and melodic with plenty of well written lyrics and solid musical and vocal performances - the complete package in fact. added to station 2/19/2019 7:53:58 PM
Acoustic guitar pop 8283
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Steve Ison
On The Way Up
I is for Ison (Steve) - a 'no brainer' choice for the A - Z Station. The song chosen demonstrates the talent and versatility of our oft times Best Male Artist. Steve is a UK resident and a mature artist who has been influenced by much good music over the years - however there is nothing dated about his songs even though they may sometimes carry a retro or psychedelic label they are timeless and original. Here we have a consummate Indie Music Person, a flagship artist for the cause. Steve ain't on the way up.... he's at the top of the indie ladder. added to station 2/20/2019 6:43:16 AM
Brit Pop 8283
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John Pippus
The Way You Say Goodbye (with Nat Jay)
J is for John (Pippus) - a long time favorite at IMP. A much respected Canadian "tunesmith" into Folk , Roots , Southern Rock, R& B (and much more) John's productions often have popular hooks and a solid guitar plus backing. He has some enticing albums to his credit. Here he duets with Nat Jay so it's even more relevant that John claims the artist spot for this letter. added to station 2/21/2019 9:28:58 AM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 8283
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Scott Stambaugh
Kayak Blooper
K is for Kayak - a name (originally an acronym incorporating IAC) IMP has The Kayak Big 25 - a collection of great songs sent to FM and college Stations around the World. There are The Golden Kayaks (annual awards from member nominations/votes. Kayak Classics appear on a Station that includes the best indie songs over the years... and Kayak Number One Songs also get recognized and feature on IMP's front page. Many artists have written songs for the Golden Kayak Show or to promote the site but I have decided to honor one of the founders of IAC/IMP who at present is responsible for running the site on a daily basis - Scott Stambaugh. To understand what that involves you might appreciate a recording of him struggling to do his DJ thang :) added to station 2/21/2019 2:55:11 PM
Miscellaneous 8283
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Not Afraid to Love You
L is for LyinDan - this is a guy with a great (and naughty) character,you may be familiar with his 'Pickle' - he doesn't take music too seriously but in fact he is a talented song maker. Most of his songs are 'over the top' and 'tongue in cheek' maybe literally too :) I make no apologies for pickling LyinDan here, comedy is important in the World today and he has his finger right on the tickle spot :) This is an electronic song with dramatic vocals, double entente lyrics - one "L" of an addition to the Station in fact. added to station 2/21/2019 4:45:11 PM
Comedy 8283
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Roy Muniz
As I Fly By
M is for Muniz (Roy) - A Montana based singer/songwriter/producer with a huge portfolio of popular songs at IMP. The genre is mostly 'Chill' melody centered songs like the one featured here (which includes a harmonica). Some may hear a flavor of Neil Young at times. We don't know too much about Roy... his music speaks for him. added to station 2/21/2019 7:11:59 PM
Acoustic Singer/Songwriter 8283
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negative tendencies
I Was Raised When The Music Was Good
N is for Negative (tendencies) - if I hadn't given the 'N' spot to this happening band I would have been in trouble as the writer/founder is a good friend... but seriously the band have a great full sound and some clever, cutting lyrics. You can hear the passion and the piercing hooks will get you every time. This is a real solid, almost sing-along band who started modestly (if that's possible) but have been pushing the envelope of late. The 3 talented members have established themselves as a political force in these troubled times. But it's not all 'negative', skim down the band page and you'll find some tender offerings that demonstrate the versatility. I chose this song as it sums up the sentiments of many musicians today... but I still think good music is alive and kicking... here's the evidence! added to station 2/23/2019 6:49:39 AM
Rock 8283
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Scratch On The Sun
O is for Ocupado - A Brooklyn based Alt Rock band previously named V Frequency and Vartan (I think) but they're back with louder, mastered versions of their songs. "Never saw" was a Kayak 25 song, a recognizable indie rock number, "Scratch on the Sun" however is more of an enigma, starts off with a heavy bass line and erupts into something big and orchestral. There seems to be a real shortage of band names starting with "O" so I'm glad this one came up. added to station 2/24/2019 3:05:14 PM
Alternative Indie 8283
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Still Got A Crush On U
P is for Pegstone - This is the latest song uploaded by this popular artist, the song has a really exciting rhythm and sound and then a surprise guitar solo - it all motors along in a way that you can't resist twitching some part of the body to. But Pegstone (from Somerville MA, is a long time song writer (and more recently recording artist) - Check out one of his many songs. # there are a number of songs with "U" instead of you in the title, so maybe I should have picked that letter :) added to station 2/24/2019 4:52:51 PM
Alternative Blues Rock 8283
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Quiet By Ten
Stained Glass
Q is for Quiet (By Ten) - what a shame this Washington band have just one song on their page because their bio is beautifully written and tempting - The write "... our goal is to offer a deeper sense of beauty and truth to this dull existence we live in. Our universe is vast and ‘music’ is just as big..." There's more but I'll just let you listen to this song, stay with it for its tender, meaningful performance which left me feeling rested and happy. I wished I could have found a more recent "Q" for my list and I wish this band would add more to theirs added to station 2/24/2019 7:07:20 PM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 8283
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The Rhythm Kings
Second Wind
R is for Rhythm (The Kings) - It's worth reading the bio of the journey of this band... it has a sad ending but the music goes on with Bruce being a valued IMP member pumping out great songs with interesting lyrics and musical ideas. This song shows a gentle side, not one of their 'Kayak award winners' but so easy on the ear and full of optimism.. added to station 2/26/2019 6:28:13 AM
Ballad 8283
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Sumthin's 'Bout 2 Change
S is for Stoneman (of course) - This artist is a wonderful lyricist and a stellar, dedicated musician. His songs (and there are many) touch on the issues of the day, injustice, discrimination, Politics, Faith, lifestyle... but also love (and sex) fun and family. He does, Soul, Funk, Jazz, R&B, Reggae... all the cool Street sounds. This multi talented, award winning artist is a real character, outspoken but laid back, youthful in spirit but sage and salient. IMP is glad to have him in the family for his contribution both musically and socially. He is also "The poster boy" of the site :) There's just 'sumthin bout' the guy we hope will never change. - J added to station 2/27/2019 6:12:25 AM
Jazz Funk 8283
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Bryon Tosoff
Love, Loss and Hope
T is for Tosoff (Bryon) Another IMP legend, artist, producer, promoter, collaborator, mentor, Station master, pipeliner, activist and talented pianist as this song proves. Genres do not frighten this ambitious musician but his instrumental work is paramount. Bryon has his keyboard fingers in so many pies and we are glad he gives IMP so much of himself. You don't have to search this site too far to find the man's music... check his artist page, it's full of news, links, videos awards and songs. This is one proud Canadian with immense mental energy, and by his own admission he has a few miles on the clock :) Bryon is grateful, generous, forgiving and often humorous... as solid as the Rockies but as smooth as Maple Syrup. He comes and goes but when he's here we'll know about it for sure :) added to station 2/27/2019 5:25:04 PM
Contemporary Classical Solo Piano 8283
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Under The Streetlamp
Do I, Don't I, I Do
U is for UNDER (The Streetlamp) I had to really dig deep to find this band. They were from the UK, a 3 piece outfit of piano, drums and vocal. Unfortunately they only have this one song, but it must have been popular as it made the Hitline and the Big 50 and 7 Stations. They were a live gig band that started in 2006. I tried to find them and I saw that the pianist Alister Bunclark now produces Royalty free music "Professional and Dynamic music for your projects" He has 255 tracks on Soundcloud - hope he sees this promo :) added to station 2/28/2019 6:48:06 PM
Pop 8283
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Victoria Rummler
Cocktail Optimism
V is for Victoria (Rummier) If you haven't heard this lady before then you'll be impressed with her versatility, her 2 songs are so very different. Her bio says "...a clear, sensual voice that runs the gamut of notes and emotions. Victoria forges her own path, emphasizing musical interaction and blurring the boundaries between the vocal and the instrumental" It's good to have some Continental influences on the site - this song isn't new but it's quite unique added to station 3/1/2019 7:32:54 PM
Jazz 8283
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Earthquakes and Famine
W is for WeAponX - A page full of great songs, a strong character, outspoken in many ways - Politics, religion, music (from his bio) "...I play Guitar in Social Spit and CYKA, Bass for the Dum Dum Boys... I also play in the world's greatest Internet Band, Negative Tendencies.... I've seen too many of my good friends go. I don't know where they go, but they live on here in some of these recordings" ... A true Californian Rock pro added to station 3/4/2019 9:28:57 AM
Rock 8283
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In This House That I Call Home
X is for X... and I didn't think I could find a good band for this letter! But this is a top Punk band from LA and they've had a couple of songs featured here. They have a long history of struggle and success but have kept producing in a 'true to themselves' way and garnered quite a following. The bass-line on this song is why I selected it. Although the music is in your ears and in your face at times, there is a sweet, harmonic tinge to the vocals. added to station 3/4/2019 11:31:05 AM
Punk 8283
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Dawn is Here
Y is for Yakobo and I'm happy to have found this UK based artist (James Curey) a great vocal range and strength of passion. Love the drumming on this song. Described as "... bringing together timeless songwriting influences spanning Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake, and an intense performance energy reminiscent of Jeff Buckley..." I wish we could hang on to artists like this instead of losing them to places like Bandcamp, so just the one song to enjoy here I'm afraid. added to station 3/4/2019 12:05:07 PM
alternative folk 8283
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Je Chante Les Blues
Z is for Zeeza of course, probably the most famous "Z" at IMP - I thought listeners might appreciate a little sultry authentic Blues Francais from this eclectic chantreuse added to station 3/6/2019 5:29:57 AM
Vintage Blues 8283
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Shy Harry
A for Alchemy - an example of the sensitively written music of Shy Harry a three piece groove-rock band from Southern Ontario. added to station 2/19/2019 6:55:53 AM
Rock 8283
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B is for Black - an absolutely beautifully written song with a Beach Boy/Beatles feel and magical lyrics. Poirot is a popular choice at IMP. Any singer songwriter would be thrilled to have a song like this in their repertoire and this artist has a page full of unique beauties. added to station 2/19/2019 8:40:11 AM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 8283
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Bob Elliott
Crazy, Crazy
C is for Crazy, Crazy - a recent Bluesy song by the much admired "Pawns" Bob and Matt. There is a nod towards Rod Steward in the vocal presentation here but the song is easy and soulful. Bob Elliott songs are a popular pick all over IMP and quite rightly so. added to station 2/19/2019 9:20:42 AM
R&B/Soul 8283
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Detail Blues
D is for Detail - something Holworks knows plenty about. This fun song will have appeal to anyone involved in the automotive business as well as Blues Rock lovers. There is plenty of shine and polish in this song from the Master of seemingly bottomless vocals. added to station 2/19/2019 11:55:17 AM
Blues 8283
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Richard Scotti
E is for Every Dog - Richard Scotti is constantly giving us good songs and this one is lovely, pleasing in sound, production, performance and of course writing which Richard takes very seriously with amazing results. A killer chorus and a real crowd pleaser. added to station 2/19/2019 5:09:01 PM
Classic and Progressive Rock 8283
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F is for Forgive (and also Fretsu) This artist has contributed many good songs to the site. He is a prolific and talented singer/songwriter/guitarist from New Jersey who produces in many genres, this one being Alt Pop. added to station 2/19/2019 7:05:07 PM
Alternative Pop 8283
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Garden of Eden
G is for Garden (of Eden) It's the only song uploaded by Bellsenburg so far but it's a good one and was picked up by many Stations. The story/lyrics are good and the vocal presentation is unique backed by some interesting guitar work. added to station 2/19/2019 7:39:58 PM
Folk Acoustic Rock 8283
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Neil w Young
Hello, Mary Lou
H is for Hello (Mary Lou) - sometimes artists put out cover songs among their originals, music lovers will always enjoy producing them and playing them. This well known song has been given a lovely fresh new sound by Neil w Young - the vocal is perfectly suited and the guitar bridge is spot on added to station 2/20/2019 6:28:14 AM
Miscellaneous 8283
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Miles Cope
I Tried
I is for I (tried) - unless you've been hiding under a rock (or listening to Rock) you'll be familiar with the expertise of Miles Cope, his band and his numerous Blues and Jazz productions. This song is silky smooth and deep as the ocean. - a personal and plaintive cry from the heart. If you need to chill try a few listens added to station 2/20/2019 10:01:31 AM
Smooth Jazz 8283
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Just a boy from a small town
J is for Just (a boy from a small time) - a slow, dark, long Groove Rock song that most indie artists will understand... about the struggle for recognition in the music world. The vocals move in and out, side to side, up and down, while the music sits central with a motoring bass and the occasional solo instrument crying for attention. added to station 2/21/2019 9:46:23 AM
Hard Rock 8283
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negative tendencies
K is for Kavanaugh - now I can't claim to know or understand too much about US politics (although Melania Trump is a personal friend of mine) I do however liove the extremely catchy "Kavanaaaaugh" chorus on this song... someone told me this is a very important song from supposedly "The best band in the World" it may be true... but the proof is in the playing... so play it, and you can be the 'Judge' ;) added to station 2/21/2019 4:23:40 PM
Post Apocalyptic Rock 8283
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Mike Harwood
Love is
L is for Love - Love must be the most popular lyric for any songwriter. I could have chosen from dozens of Love songs by IMP artists so this was a difficult choice - I just think there is so much clarity, depth of feeling and good sound in this Funky song from Mike. This is the first Station add for "Love is" and I hope there will now be more. added to station 2/21/2019 5:09:40 PM
Easy Listening/Soft Rock 8283
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Psyche's Muse
M is for Music (Medicinal Music) - Here is Psyche's Muse's Music from "M" (and X) so it had to claim this letter in the A - Z Of course music most definitely IS a healing force - in the context of this song it rolls and winds around the brain in a circle of resonating sound and emotion to a point where you are carried away to a place outside of yourself - something that is normally quite hard to achieve. added to station 2/22/2019 6:49:42 PM
Classic and Progressive Rock 8283
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Life On Fire
New Device
N is for New - I want to mention the "The New Songs" list first - always on the front page or in a drop-down at the top. All artists get a few hours of fame where they'll be seen and heard easily. I picked this band's song because it didn't get much exposure when it was a new song (called NEW device) Also they say they produce in the NEW age genre. So you might become a new fan! added to station 2/23/2019 5:22:25 PM
Alternative Modern Rock 8283
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Open Breeze
O is for Open (Breeze) - I make no apologies for choosing another Azwel song because there are so many good ones. There's an enchanting peel of bell like jingles holding the music steady while the vocal introduces the story, then the song bursts it's delicate skin and fills the air with an upward soaring melody climax. added to station 2/24/2019 3:59:13 PM
acoustic indie pop 8283
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Ruth Garnes
P is for Persistence - It took persistence before I came across the right "P" song for this slot, but the search paid off. This is a simple, innocent acoustic song, sung softly and sincerely, but it's all about the lyrics here - wise words and worth reading, listening to and learning from added to station 2/24/2019 5:19:41 PM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 8283
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Disconnected Genius
Quietly Into The Night
Q is for Quietly (into the night) This Punk Rock song is anything but quiet but it has a very addictive riff and lots of lyrics. It's from a 3 piece Australian band with an interesting artist page - From Folk to Grunge, but always indie. added to station 2/24/2019 7:26:32 PM
Alternative Modern Rock 8283
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The Lucky Face
Ride The River
R is for Ride & River - Here is a cute Reggae song from London based band The Lucky Face. There's an almost Gospel vibe to the catchy chorus. It's a simple idea but very pleasing to listen to, easy, laid back vocals and gentle harmonies. I guarantee it will leave you singing. added to station 2/26/2019 6:40:52 AM
Pop 8283
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S is for Shores - We love Pip and Merry, that deep resonant vocal is so soothing, the song is comforting even though the sentiments are sad - no surprises musically apart from the slight rise when you were expecting a fall. It's Folk but it's almost hymnal. Merry is there reassuringly in the background. I don't think this duo could ever have a bad song, they are tight and tuneful. You can transport yourself to some familiar shore as you slowly breathe in the music and exhale the sighs of satisfaction.. added to station 2/27/2019 3:47:15 PM
Christian/Spiritual 8283
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Time Stops For No One
T is for TIME which stops for no-one. How did this great song not get picked up before? It's Pop/Rock but it has a dreamy gloss to it. So many musical highlights - I feel I'm in the presence of a real deal pro. added to station 2/28/2019 5:15:10 PM
Alternative Pop Rock 8283
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The Coming of Age
U is for UNDERDOGS - A really odd but interesting song most notable for the 'mini novel' they call the lyrics. It's a band that didn't last too long as far as I know with Scott and Leslie. The vocal narration is screamed out in a Punkish, breathless style, the rhythm is relentless but you can hear some original touches in there. added to station 2/28/2019 7:03:37 PM
Dark Folk 8283
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V is for Victory - I wanted a Hip Hop song on this Station because IMP has a lot of uploads from this genre and it probably doesn't get its fair dues. This song is crowded with action from all angles. added to station 3/1/2019 7:37:07 PM
Hip Hop/Rap 8283
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Barley Station
W is for Waiting - Great band, great sound, super song with clarity and harmony... it draws you in from the very start and sits in a good place in the ears... and long afterwards added to station 3/4/2019 9:41:59 AM
Americana Roots Rock 8283
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X is for XO - presumably kiss/love. I'm usually reluctant to add songs that are brought in by Follow Radio because I feel that the artist don't ever see the reviews or come to IMP to check us out... but all their artists are very professional just like CJ2Much here. It's a hypnotic R&B track with plenty of ambient backing... well Stoneman liked it so that's good enough for me ! added to station 3/4/2019 11:45:24 AM
R&B 8283
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Hop On Pop
You Wrote This Song
Y is for YOU (wrote this song) ok, so I sort of cheated and I wasn't entirely impartial in the 'Draw' because once I heard this song and realised how relevant the lyrics were to me I knew it had to be on the Station :) Thanks for participating Todd added to station 3/6/2019 5:19:18 AM
Country 8283
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Fade to Black
The Sane Zone demo 20
Z is for Zone (the sane zone) - I wanted to finish this A to Z with a cinematic Fade to Black. It's not so new and it's classed as a demo but you can tell this was a band of quality... it also happens to include Dave (co-founder and technical guy) We don't see or hear from him much these day but I'm sure he's there listening and keeping a watch over IMP. FTB have a page of worthy songs. and maybe there's still more we haven't heard in the archives? As this Station closes, the credits roll and the music drifts away... THE END ! added to station 3/6/2019 5:44:03 AM
Alternative 8283
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