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This is an indie allstar site with features far advanced from other music portals on the web. It is non-corporate and, unlike most of the other indie sites out there, the administrators and staff actually care whether or not you live or die.

background:  In the second half of the 1990's, music files called mp3s began to spread on the internet. Starting with mp3.com, a whole culture of sites were popping up all over the web where independent and unsigned artists would upload their music for promotion, feedback and direct sales. Some of these sites had lively community forums where the artists would mingle and sometimes fans would become a part of the conversations, though these gathering places are not so prevalent anymore. However, that culture of indie artists and fans still exists as a world in itself. This site was founded to be a special place for this particular group, consisting of the artists, fans, and supporters of this realm, i.e. the indie music people. If that is your scene, this is where you need to be, because there's nowhere else on the net that understands you, is about you.
Listeners will appreciate a dynamic collection of indie music on a site that was championed by Pete Townshend himself. Create your own internet radio stations, or just listen to your choice of many great indie stations. When this site began, every music site on the web was perused and the very best artists were invited here. As you get deeper into the artist catalogue at indiemusic.com you will notice layers and layers of original acts you never heard of, many of which are simply better than what you will find coming from mainstream music outlets.
Artists will find a caring peer community offering good advice, feedback, and support, a musicology department which listens to and selects featured music, and an array of active internet radio stationmasters offering airplay through the best station mechanism ever created for online music. There are many features created specifically for artists that you can only find on indiemusic.com - the wide assortment of charts, the artist pages with tagboards, the DMD (digital music CD), and the famous front page pipeline.
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