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WATERPLANET is the work of musician/artists Millie Landrum and Jim Hesser. Melodic, throttling, dreamy, and dark—WATERPLANET’s art-house psychedelia emerges from the finest post-punk and pop. Just guitar, percussion, and voice.

"Take some elements of Belly, Pixies & The Doors, mix & serve. An original creation."

(Steve Saulsbury)

"...Though creatively distinct, [WATERPLANET's] music taps the stylistic vein of artists like Sonic Youth and the Velvet Underground. This is that would be warmly welcomed radio."

(Ryan Hoffer, A&R, Shuteye Records)

into the sea!

AAA Adult Alternative

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4/20/2023 9:08:42 AM
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7/22/2013 3:58:51 PM
Been recording again of late. In the past few days finished up drum track and backing vocals for James' song "Don't Cry" for our upcoming release. Also recently completed mix on "Love Song", and "Frankenstein" is nearly done!


5/31/2013 11:09:32 AM
So sorry you have been without our Waterplanet music. Will post new songs! Also, please enjoy my post-punk station Zing! Flip! Squash!:


Millie from that watery planet


7/23/2012 9:03:04 PM
Hello Waterplanet fans,

Have not been active on this site in ages, but have decided to get back into it (always loved this site, just got sidetracked, I guess). We have brand new recordings that I'll post soon for your enjoyment - "Lemmings" and "Gogogo" for now. Also have several more in the works.


Millie, Waterplanet band


8/29/2008 7:50:27 AM

We're playing Sunday 9/7/08 with Spindrift (from Brian Jonestown Massacre and Warlock) and Sawhorse. Location: Metro Gallery, 1700 N. Charles St., Baltimore, Maryland. Admission: $8 at door.

See you there. Great space, great music.

Millie & Jim

Fire Chief 5

8/16/2008 1:03:57 AM
Tjhanks for the add to the station. I think that the guitar riff is a bit Neil Young but that wasn't my intention. I like Belle & Sebastian and come from the same town as Badfinger, so that might be why you think that! I have another project which you might like the music. Its a band rather than the solo project - Cheers, Fire Chief 5


6/12/2008 6:39:41 AM
Hello! Two shows:

Friday, June 13th: Artomatic in Washington, DC, 6:00 pm (huge art event - 1,000 artists exhibiting work and live performances round the clock)

Friday, June 20th: Metro Gallery, N. Charles St., Baltimore, Maryland, doors open at 8:00.


2/5/2008 12:59:23 PM
Millie, welcome to WHO IS. I love your garden! Best wishes from Chesapeake City!

Paul groover

2/4/2008 10:23:24 PM
Hi how are you stopping in by to say love your new tunes i,ve added venus supreme to a couple of my stations.

J. Patrick Sharpe

2/1/2008 5:52:00 AM
Thanks for stopping by my page and listening. Love both your tunes posted here. I put them up on a couple of my radio stations. You guys have a great sound. Very unique and excellent songwriting. I would love to hear more!! -JP Sharpe

Steve Ison

1/23/2008 2:01:13 PM
Thanks for your reply Millie..Cindies songs are great btw! Really looking forward to hearing any new songs you put up:)

Steve Ison

1/12/2008 9:07:34 AM
Headless/Headless is a wonderful track-I've loved it for ages..Wish you had more songs up:)


9/18/2007 9:49:46 AM
New WATERPLANET website being constructed, and oh so much improved. The Waterplanetarium ( is nice, but this is nicer. Features music, pics, comments, bio, calendar, the usual. And a few meteors and dung beetles.



8/24/2007 8:37:49 AM
Artist Cindie Landrum just posted two great neo folkedelic songs, "Underwater" and "Train". Both were recorded in WATERPLANET's Luxurious Basement Studio. To hear them got to her IAC site, or listen to my IAC station zing! flip! squash! radio.


3/6/2007 9:10:29 AM
I'm reading poetry and a story at 4:30 on 3/6/07 (Towson Room, Cook Library, Towson, Maryland, USA). Also reading: poet/fiction writer Gary Blankenburg.

In April, will have poems up on new podcast out of Houston, TX, called Personville. Details to come...




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Vernerosa® Thanks for the compliments! Your song is wow! The intro of guitar is very similar to "La Canzone Del Sole" of Lucio Battisti (An Italian singer of the years '60 / '70) The style remembers me Patti Smith to the debuts, the Violent Femmes and some the V
Vernerosa® ...and some the Velvet Undergroun... Great! Continue this way! Hi!
Vernerosa® ...Velvet UndergrounD -__-' Pardon... ;)
Muriel Hi! Gotta say you guys have a great sound! It is really quite original yet I can hear influences from bands years ago! I look forward to hearing more. Best wishes!
Vernerosa® Thanks to you! >Kiss
lolli zan nice sound. hope to hear nice things about you guys in the near futurre. good luck.
Johannes Thx a million for picking me up! Appreciated! Your song has my favorite sound... unbekievable...Alex Chilton tryin' to sound like Velvet Underground? Who cares- it's just great. Please work on some more.
Johannes ( again ) Put you on Troubled Minds I. You may now request a FELLOW ARTIST for Troubled Minds II. Please COMMENT as to WHY this song. Peace, J.
till Headless is one sweet song. Let us have some more.
redseastation great psychedelia....great stuff...Spacemen 3 acoustic
The Vic Genna Gemini Pac You Asked Which of the 3 you are. Weel Your Pals on the way to becoming friends. And I would not be so forward as to call you a Hot Chick Millie ..... But you most likely might be! :)
Johannes Hi - I don't know if you're around? I manned a lighthouse and would like to invite you to put up a request on the idea. Please leave a clear COMMENT as to why. Peace - J.
Evan From Binary Buzz wow very catchy, love the vocals.
acidjackflashed hey, great song... why don't you visit me? I'm a good friend of Vernerosa and Nimesulide... same town, same friends, same madness....
Breithablik ( Hall One ) On monday the 21st of July I will launch one of the projects I'm gonna focus on the coming year. I reserved for you a Chair to watch it go. Peace - Johannes, Amsterdam.
Breathablik Yes, I know you're all very busy. So am I. Keepin' my Boat straight... If you look outside your window maybe you can see me strugglin'... Peace - Johannes.
Muriel New station called Maryland Biscuits! For indie bands from Maryland. Please help pass the word. Thanks.
Paul groover Thanks for adding Jeri mono,s jounrney to your station. I like the tune i,ll add it to forest of azure
Paul groover Thanks for adding Jeri mono,s jounrney to your station. I like the tune i,ll add it to forest of azure
Paul groover Thanks for adding Jeri mono,s jounrney to your station. I like the tune i,ll add it to forest of azure
vernerosa the water of Varese is hallucinogenic! ps: I have returned!
Breithablik ( Hall One ) To be honest - I have no idea what is going on. But I got word from Scott that this station is IAC RUNNER-UP in a stationcontest. We will go on ( KIAC ) air thursday 19 Oct ( go to MAIN ARENA - FORUM ). All credits go to Brian Booth - peace, Johannes.
LafontaineEsque Behavior Love the percussive sound of those drums, and that voice ... that voice - mesmerizing! So retro, good digs.
Breathablik May I invite you to the Truthgate...? Peace - Johannes.
* Your song 'Heedless/Headless' has just been added to Kam Fong as Chin Ho station!
Rand Reynolds I find your music raw, honest and punchy ... even though you all are trapped in the basement, just like me, trying to create art. .
JACK PADDLE I detect a touch of a velveted undergound going on here too!! Thought I'd drop anchor and contribute to a worthy cause....ta da!!! Thanks for the bribery...and this should leave you and your music in the action pages listing!! Neat huh!?
millie Hello... is there anybody out there... just nod if you can hear me... Is there anyone home?
* Your song 'Lemmings' has just been added to zing! flip! squash!--WATERPLANET radio station!
IAC Your song 'Lemmings' has just been added to 1-18-14 station!
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CURRENTLY (July 2012) - Single "Headless/Headless" featured on Supercuts website as part of the Supercuts – Rock the Cut Artist Ambassador Program (!

ALSO: July 2012 - RECORDING new material, to be posted soon!

Buy "Here We Go!" at cdbaby:

zing! flip! squash!--WATERPLANET radio

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