Through pulsing, driving piano topped with catchy melodies, Jacob Vanags is quickly emerging as an indie piano rocker with something to prove. Born and raised in Kent, Ohio, Jacob spent much of his childhood playing the piano under the wise demands of his parents (not for several years did he understand the blessing in disguise). Eventually though, the weekly pieces began to seem mundane and uninspiring and Jacob soon branched out. After years of fiddling with melodies and chord progressions, breaking piano hammers and strings, and playing with the lights off, his once simple creations transformed into his now matured and unique style of song.

Now re-located in Long Island, New York and studying Music Management and Merchandising at Hofstra University, Jacob has seemed to have found his niche in the music world. Playing his own original music with lyrics written only from real personal experiences and revelations, Jacob has found a fan base in and around Long Island and New York City. In the early months of 2008, Jacob spent time recording what would soon become his debut solo EP, “The Come On! Collection.” The EP is fit with five tracks ranging from upbeat and catchy like the popular “Familiar Faces,” to intimate tracks written in dedication to family such as “What We Have Here.” During the summer of 2008, Jacob spent his time not only working and interning in New York City, but also playing in a variety of venues throughout Manhattan and Queens ranging from coffee shops such as Gizzi’s in Greenwich Village to bars near his apartment in Astoria.

Since his return to Hofstra for the fall semester of his junior year, Jacob has already begun moving forward from the recent release of his debut EP. With fresher ideas and a stronger lyrical sense, it is obvious that his music grows with every new day. Tracing back to his earlier, piano-heavy “Hailey,” his sound has since become more defined with “Stuck,” a more mainstream and radio-friendly track that is sure to become a favorite at his live shows. With the acquisition of a few key musicians (Zach Periharos playing drums and Nicky Cantatore on bass guitar) the new sound has come together quite naturally. Although they have yet to record as a group, their live efforts are energetic and cohesive. They have an aesthetically pleasing sound that is as if they have been playing together for years.

Eager to get his new sound out there, Jacob is set to hit the recording studio in January in hopes of recording his new EP.

Manhattan and Me

Alternative Pop Rock

Familiar Faces

Alternative Pop Rock

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""Listening to Jacob Vanags’ five song EP makes you really want to cheer for this ambitious artist....""
-Sami Dei Lune,

""Jacob Vanags is a talented piano rocker....""
-Eric Holland,

""Vanags is so confident on stage that one would have to believe he eats, sleeps and bathes in the spotlight....""
-Jamie Atkinson, Hofstra Chronicle
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Jacob Vanags