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About Me
life summary
I also own and run as a full time DJ my own net country indy station Rockin Roundup Rodeo voted number 1 on top internet radio sites, also report to sts and new music weekly listed with the big guns out there land and net It's lives up to all it claims only indy all the time
I live for…
My Family, The Artist/ Bands I promote , Their Dreams & Mine
self-chosen nickname
some call me Eagle, some call me Honky Tonk Queen, and one very special man in my life Hank Grant calls me DA BOMB :)
my advice to you
if you dare to dream then spread your wings be determine to soar and achieve all you dream don't leave things undone strive to accomplish & don't let no one tell you that you can't !!
so you want to know about me besides i am a woman with many sides to who i am but I and you don't have all day :) lets just say i have a very full plate, but i am going try to give you the fast food drive up version . I am a publish author( poetess) my book Fantasy, Love and More is available at publish america, i am a song writer, all theses song are ones i have written with various cos, (James Odle , Mark Ellis, Laurel Varner; when i have time i try write more, but lately far and in between!! I started promoting country/southern rock indies online four years ago under my company name, which is Eagle Dreams Promotions, eagle is my nick name givin to me by some of my cherokee friends, they say i have the spirit of the eagle in me and others can see their dreams through my eyes, lol i tend to believe more that's because i write native american poetry. In last four months i have start seeing more of my dreams coming true which is to be a top notch promoter/ manager for country indies
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Jody Dickey

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Chase Rogers i am here darlin come add me
Scott Allen Fraser Would love to be linked to you here too darlin!
TJWayMusic Hi Jody, nice to see you here, would love to connect, Best...TJWay
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Scott Allen Fraser

      12/3/2008 4:54:44 AM Add Comment
Hey there Jody, it is a real pleasure to see you here! Hope all is well with you and that you are feeling better now!! Drop me a line when you get a chance. Miss ya darlin!!

Larry Migliore

      11/28/2008 8:15:52 AM Add Comment
Very Nice to see you here Darlin'

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