Kris KristoffersonI Do Believe
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Pure Country Gospel
Great country songwriter of many number one hits over the years. Kris's songs have been recorded by Johnny Cash, and many other big names. Kis's latest release "I DO BELIEVE" "Thank you Kris, it is an honor to have you on Pure Country Gospel"

Spirit Songs
I Do Believe. We all find our own way. Great song as always.

Best Pick Country

Two Rivers.
Mighty Fine....!

Rolling River Radio
about 2/3 years ago that Kris filmed a movie about vietnam vets at the hospital where we were born - Bangour in the tiny village of Uphall outside Edinburgh

At the Movies
Singer, Actor, Janitor.......Is there anything this man can't do???


Gabe Nieto
I was a sailor...sailed a schooner round the horn of Mexico!

Acoustic Meltdown
This is a no-brainer for the Meltdown. It's gotta be here.

great songwriter

Someday son all this IAC will be yours
Here we have our family favorite artist , call your 15 brothers and sisters cause we are going to listen to the good old Kris . We are all believers in our own way , some believe and others believe in another stuff but most do nott believe the fox news , that is the trouble with tv.Better hear IAC radios , that is what I will always say to our family.

COUNTRY AFFAIR with pip & merry
in my own way

McLean Corner
The pilgrim in his perfection...let us journey together.

Texas Willies Favorites On IAC
OMG!....Man alive....what an Honor it is for me to add Kris Kristofferson to Texas Willies Favorites on IAC! Kris...There is a story behind my Artist name...too long to tell here though. And "I Do Believe" every Artist here can Thank You for the tunes you have written over the years....

Micks Picks
Well, isn't Kris the "STORY TELLER". Yes, he is. In my teens I would listen to Kris in my '71 Nova. It wasn't what most kids my age were listening to, but I was hooked. Other than my brother (Jimmy), no one else has inspired me to write songs more than Kris (and Jim Croce).

highway 66 WITH PIP & merry
there is a man inside that building

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