Seth TurnerHot Sands, Pina Coladas, and Caribbean Beer
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Jimmy Buffet type island song, complete with steel drums

Seth Turner

How do you get over a break-up? Well that's what this guy does.
Hot Sand, Pina Coladas, and Caribbean Beer
By Seth Turner 2003

Well she said goodbye which to me is nothing new
I didn’t think too long on what I should do
I should just hop a plane and head down south for a week or maybe two
Some tropical destination tailor made for a heart so blue

I’ll need to find a way to get over her
A few island concoctions poured from a blender
Ought to clear my mind and pave the way for me to think
Of why anyone puts umbrellas in somebody’s drink

So where’s Jimmy Buffet
Can you tell him I’m here
Tell him I finally got the chance to live his songs I love to hear
I need a margarita
Hey wait that’s made with tequila
We’ve got a history together those memories are too clear
I’m here on this island
Can’t walk but I’m tryin’
Blame the hot sand, pina coladas and Caribbean beer

I set an appointment with a woman to do my hair
I wanted the dread locks I’ve seen so many wear
Then I rented a boat and some poles ‘cause I know it’d be a sin
To be down here and not fish for a blue marlin

Now it’s been a month and I feel right at home
Haven’t worried about the fact that somewhere I lost my phone
Can’t remember the reason that I came down here
Blame the hot sand, pina coladas and Caribbean beer

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