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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM


A Purpose-Filled "Self Evaluation".

X & M = Words And Music.

...another improv. Whenever Mr. X has determined that Mr. M has found something that he is comfortable playing he will start to sing. Rarely do we ever pre-plan or concoct anything that is going on. There are even times where Mr. X has trouble reading from Mr. M's writings while he is singing a song. And he will simply laugh or chuckle as a part of his singing. Usually, this is caused by Mr. M's weird way of "writing" things. Sometimes words are written "within" or as a part of a sketch or drawing. VERY OFTEN words are "misspelled" on purpose. This was done for "clarity" and dramatic effect when "seeing" them. So for Mr. X to both see AND sing this stuff(these words) as a "first pass" is an obvious "work of art" on his part(WORK probably should be capitalized here. haha! but all in "FUN"!). -M-

What Do I Have Here?
What Is This?

What’s That Over There?
Is "This" Me?

Is "That" Me Too?
Oh, Wretched Wretch!!!

What To Do???

And "YOU" Over THERE??


And "Cursed Be The Day"…
If EVER One Of "You" return!

Cursed Be The Day…
“I FORGET” What I Have Learned!

Armed With A Shovel
And Packing A Broom
I Tend To “The Garden”
And Clean Up My “Room”.

Purging The Dross
And Planting New Seed
I Nurture The Good Thought
And Toss Out The Weeds.

And Cursed Be The Day
If Ever The Weeds Return!!

Cursed Be The Day…
If Ever They Return!!! x
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