Psyche's MuseThe Ultimate "Destroy HER"
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Wednesday, September 20, 2023 11:24:30 AM


While man prides himself on being THE "Ultimate Destroyer", OUR "Mother!"/the "Earth!"/the "Land Of Milk!" and "Honey!" HAS/"taken" JUST "a Bout" all THAT "She!" CAN "Stand!" And "We"(wee... ) "had" Better("bet?"/"HER"??) "Watch!"... cuz "OUT of Blindness!/HERE! I "COME!" "Hear?"/"Aye?"/"Cum?"(and is it to or "too"? 2? ...oh! it's "COME" too!(I mean(also) "come to"... as in "Be/COME", Be/CUM/awake/aware/alive... ugh... a "lie?" ...Eve? EVE!!! WHERE YA AT! Huh? "wear?" "ya?" "at!" yeah! At's It! Yes! "IT" Is... zzz... =M=)

=X= Voice & Guitar
=M= Word & Bass

World "Music"??? Yes! I know! "this" shouldn't "Qualify" as being World "Music" according unto many of THOSE "musical experts"(who ARE "doin' it" FOR the "money"). Butt! THIS "song!"!sis!"Not" FOR "Them"!!! IT IS(All) "For HER!"... "She!"/OUR "MOtHer"... oUr "EARth!"... "HOUR"/"PLACE"... OF LIFE AND BIRTH... For "it" is IN "THIS WORLD" where "ALL" has "EVER" taken "Place"! Yes! ...and IN "Deed" IT "has"! =M=
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