Psyche's MuseHIDEing IN The Dark
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Saturday, July 16, 2022 5:25:33 AM
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Wednesday, September 20, 2023 11:20:42 AM
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....and aren't we all? in some way? shape? or fashion? in-"Deed"(By, With, and Through Our "Deeds"/"Those"/"Things"/"Deals" made "WITH The Devil"? And in "them"/"their" "D-Tails" you "Here" someone a sayin',"YOU Dirty Rat!" and "Ya Better KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! BITCH!!! Ya Hear?" An then in that instance ask yourself, "What Would Jesus Do?". Well, "What Happens Unto Jesus" is now MUCH more likely to be happenin' unto YOU! Ain't it? So, you had better "SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GET OUTTA HERE! NOW! GO!!" -M-

Unadulterated Improvisation upon M's Writings. X is on Guitar, using his Voice while M is "playing with" a Bass. This was the routine. (other than M "playing with" something else, a guitar, the keyboard, a jews harp, or wooden spoons, some fingers slapping, or "personalized" frog croaks... along with "numerous" other "what-nots"(soever). hahaha!

This song's been onsite for years. It was over 10 minutes long so I tried uploading this "shorter" version to "replace" it. This site wouldn't/couldn't "accept" THIS "as a change" and now the "original version" will not play from our page. So, I have added this "newer"(short) version "HEAR" instead. -M-
Hiding in the dark...
Cursing the smallest spark...

We close our eyes...
And bow our head...
To let another...
Live instead...

We are trapped...
We are lost...

We "Choose" To Make "No Choices"!!!
The "Other Speaks" With All "Our Voices"!!!
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