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Stand back!

Sancocho Music
Beautiful pop song

Denise's One Note
Beautiful song by a beautiful woman.

Stand back and watch her shine!

The Talent Searcher
Some beatlish harmonies here but what a beautiful pop song.It´s quite incredible. A music that flows without interruption with everything in the proper place, a perfect arrangement really with a singing piano. The vocal performance is tops !!!!

Pop Goddess
I love this song, it's my sister's favorite out of all

Rod's Records
Beautiful Song. Great melody. Just amazing.

Panacea Radio
Stand back and watch her shine!

Music To My Ears

Last Angel Horse Sanctuary
I absolutely love this song. I keep listening to it! You have such a beautiful voice and emotional expression. I know you are an animal lover too!

The Seamus
I know this song isn't rock but here is what I like about it. It's got soul. When she sings you can feel what she if feeling almost as if it were transference. The Chorus is catchy, and the verse has a very interesting hook in it that catches listeners from the first glance. I dig yo...I dig!

What a really excellent song this is! -M-

A great theme song to a super entertaining show written by a truly talented artist and much respected friend. Rach, you rock!

becoming a legend-

AOR Overflow
Title tune for In The Attic. You check out the videos featuring acoutstic jams with Pete Townshend, The Kooks, Martha Wainwright, Editors, Rachel Fuller, The Fratellis, The Zutons, Flaming Lips, Razorlight, Foy Vance and many others at www.intheattic.btpodshow.com and you can also buy the fantastic Attic Jam cd on iTunes

Fabulous fucking song... Love your performance and your angel voice.

Kayak Number One Songs!
week 112

Choice mix
a very nice song

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