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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Sunday, July 9, 2023 6:10:56 AM
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Xanthan Gum is THE ONE AND ONLY reason that Psyche's Muse exists. Had I not met him by chance at a friend's house NONE of my writing would have EVER been "spoken aloud" much less being put to music! These words of Apache Tear are some of the very first words I ever heard William "saying", singing them while playing his classical guitar being seated upon a bed. His intensity and excitement about "making music" caused everything "hear" to "cum" into "Being". -M-

Xanthan Gum: all music and acoustic guitars
Suzan Paulton: Lyrics

An "Apache Tear" is a stone. While living in South Dakota, Mr. X(William/Bill) had been given one, along with this poem written by a woman. He then put this poem to music. That "Apache Tear" was in a small leather sack, attached to the neck of his classical guitar. And that "Apache Tear" remained there at the neck of his guitar for ever. He sang this one to me after I'd told him about my "Jesus Revelations" when he'd sung "Passion" to me out on the porch. I reminded him that I'd thought these words were meant from him unto me while I listened to it. And then he told me the story from whence it "truly" came. I still believed it in my "own" way as well though! haha! -M-
Here’s “My Love”.
It “is sheltered in this Tear”,
“Here Am I”...
When I am not near...
I am “in this…
Apache Tear”

“Here for you”…
My silent words; a depth of feeling.
I want to give...
Of precious dreams I long to live...
Memories of sunsets, songs and happiness!
“You will find them in this tear”...
A “closeness”,
A bond of “friendship”,
Sealed in a smoky stone...
For you my friend...
An “Apache Tear”.

In every life
Comes a Light;
A soul Friend
Who recognises you
At once from a distance;
Who hears your first word
Before the speaking;
Who in a moment finds
Your feelings;
Who knows your thoughts;
Who walks behind your eyes;
With understanding,
And rejoices...
To walk with you...
Forever. x
Song Comments

I met Bill one evening at the home of my friend, Frank. After chatting awhile he pulls out his classical guitar and begins to play. This is the first song he performs that night. It still invokes fond memories upon listening to it. -M-

Richard Scotti's Love Festival
exquisite acoustic guitar playing on display here along with touching lyrics and achingly beautiful vocals...a love song that is truly one of a kind.

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