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What's in a Name...   We like this station if only because we mostly write about odd famous people... Like the Keebler elves and Ghandi, we name drop as quickly as rabbits pellet.
* Magician naicigaM *   I am to magic what the OTO is to curing disenchanted lemmings Except, I mind fuck freemasons, and know the devil.
SNAP , KRACKLE and POP   Damn the elf that defiles my oats.
The Grass Is Greener   It is greener, I would know, I have a mouthful.
Spaceman's Spiffs   Occasionally, after we've been properly psylocibined and abducted by the greys we all light up, until the antigravity thrusters bottom out on the Himalayas.
WIZARD X FM   I cast magic missile... Roll the die DM.
Jahbullon   The devil's in the details.
Fringe on Top   We're stoned immaculate.

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Larz Boah   Larry's a poet, I'm a poet, there are thirty millions angst ridden teenagers out there that want to eat our shorts just to villanelle with some real villians. I like Larry's work because it's intelligent, and keeps no genre, but it's own purpose.
Tyler Jakes   Tyle'rs songs are full of woe, but so many are don't you know. I like his brazen bollocks and eccentric simple grooves. Not your run of the mill fodder. Tyler jakes puts the fuzz in law enforcement, just without the law, and very little enforcement.
Daniel Johnston   I really love Daniel's work, it drives my friends crazy, my enemies crazy, and in my book? That's a blessing. I've noticed his genius for many a year.
  Once Laree, Bukowski, and I, all ass fucked Matt Dillon outside of an in an out on pico, it was justice, and not at all gay. We then proceeded to the nearest AA meeting where we gave Mary Kate Olson carreer advice.
The Offspring   I can remember, quite prolific really, smoking a joint with a wacky pony tail like steven segal, racing down the I-75 in detroit listening to the radio, and hearing come out and play and self esteem as a two for tuesday, great songs.
Zayra Yves   I've known Zayra for awhile now, being both poets, in a world of melodies; it was only a matter of time before the two collided. She is a strong writer, and treading new water here.
The Man With No Band   If more people listened to their hearts less of us would be deaf. This man is all heart, this music is original, and rightous. Something the industry forgot on its way to Babylon.
Pete Townshend   apparently pete wasn't happy taking over the world now he has his sights set on uranus.
Maria Daines   I believe if people cared about people the way Maria Daines cares about animals? The world would be a MUCH happier place.
Rickie Lee Jones   Rickie Lee Jones album 'Pirates' is something I listened to a lot for a time, and I've always been impressed be her authenticity and unique voice.
Circe Link   Once, Circe came into my work and started chatting me up about aliester crowley and thelema, it was all very exciting... Except, I hadn't slept in about a week and I was wondering where I had seen her before, here, now I know.
thechildsapilot   I love these guys. They have a lot of talent. Although, it kind of sucks because I can't win anything against them, because they're fans are hot teenagers, and mine are old men.
Dinosaur Jr.   Dinosaur Jr. (although reptiles) write pretty solid grunge rock tunes, and have done so since even before Seatle went dirty blond on huffed glue.
Van Morrison   It's always a marvelous night for a moon dance when you're a WEREWOLVE.
Tim Armstrong   I love when east meets west, and rancid and tim armstrong are a great example of a heavy newyork vibe with a fun LA synchronicity.
Breech   Missy sang at my friends birthday party...that's so Hollywood.
nine inch nails   Trent has been a big inspiration to a lot of us Indie guys and girls out there trying to do something from the individual's perspesctive that's uncompromised and libertarian. Fuck the Corps.
Hot Hot Heat   These guys will be bigger than sliced bread even if they are hosers.
Jim Carroll Band   I too am a heroin addict and a poet, but Leonardio Dicaprio never played me. I optioned my script to the devil for stainless steel teeth, and the mind of a spent pharoh high on Cosmology and monoatomic gold.
moonlight wranglers   One of the best bands ever. You guys should upload Shallow Tijuanna Grave
Horus8 & The Werewolves   Why Don't You Fuck Yourself While I'm Fucking you...

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