Carrie Wade Love the songs AND comments - would you kindly consider my songs? Many thanks, Carrie
Todd (Hop On Pop) Hello Steve. We ain't weird enough for you? "Ashes On the Water"? No? Boy... after this I feel so dirty. *shudder*
jivewhiteboy i would love for you to check out my songs "2031" and "lost sensation" i think they're pretty strange. thanks, jive
reverse Thanks for the add! As we say here ' Sobres a juego chorro de tinta!'
Steve Ison 'Exceed to Game red spurt?' lol WTF is that?
reverse It was on the Spanish bit on a nearby box of printer paper.
reverse Though we rather like 'exceed to game red spurt' and will now add it to KGB!
Steve Ison Hahaha
remote(s) howdy, STrAnGeR...this is me from remote(s) stopping by to say thanks for adding our track "definition high" to your playlist...
Carl I'd given up on anytone picking up on "Bigger"...big cheers Steve.
reverse Heoo again! And 'Katherine's Ghost Babies' has fallen off here. If you'd like to re-instate it, we'd be flattered beyond hope! IAC 'getting back to us' about what happened to our site!
bumdoser strange nobody seems to notice
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Sunshine Smile..   Sunny songs bursting with the joy of life...
ALtErNaTiVe ReTrO aNd PsYcHeDeLiC   The greatest songs from the greatest genre ever invented
1978..   Cool,creative indie songs of all denominations
Radio Free Europe   Great Artists/songs from anywhere in Europe(except the UK
Spaceboy   Lots of great tracks..Many genres..Mainly indie and alt pop/folk i guess..
Epic Soundtracks   IAC songs that soundtrack my life
Epic Soundtracks 2   APRIL 2006..A Diary of I.A.C Songs that soundtrack my life
Epic Soundtracks 3   JULY 2006..Brilliant songs that soundtrack my life
Freak Scene..   Beautifully scuzzy garage rock'n'pop..
Lou Reed   Cool songs/artists with a strong Lou'n'Velvets sound and inspiration
Scenes From Palacio   Mysterious,spy movie-spooky,tremelo-twangin',haunting torch-a-delic songs
ISONtopes   Anjuli is a total sweetheart
Psyche Folk   Enchanting,creative acoustic based songs..
The Stars Are Never Really Distant   Beautiful chilled,expansive mellow mood songs that've opened my inner world..
Bubbling Up   My favourite tracks 'bubbling under the Big 50' here...
Davies Ison And Friends...   Lofi hissy tape friends of Davies and ISON..All your favourite Davies ISON tunes on one easy-to-use station...Oh yes..
The Lounge..   Delightful,charming and eccentric easy listening..Pour yourself a martini and enjoy..
Road Movie..   Cool songs who's free-spirited vibe,rythm and feel would work great in a cool Road Movie
Velvet Goldmine   Glamtastic songs on IAC-Its 1973 all over again!
The Hitmen-Completed Contracts 2   I let the IAC community know the greatest music there was to hear-and was roundly ignored..
The Hitmen-Completed Contracts 3   ..Well not exactly ME roundly ignored,but the station-certainly
The Hitmen-Completed Contracts 3   Well not ME exactly who was roundly ignored,but the station ,certainly
K-RTRO vol. II  
Cabaret Noir.......   Torchadelic Off-Broadway style brilliance..
The Peoples Choice!   Great songs nominated by OTHER artists and Pipeline users here...
IAC Songchain..   Songs from the IAC Songchain blog picked by other people
A Song A Day   Magical songs with a little review hand-picked for the Song-a-day blog i started

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Steve Ison   Station owner and sometime Strange-Popper..
The Tinkerband  
Independent Artists supporting War Child Holland   Supporting a totally worthwhile cause and featuring some of the best music on IAC
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Strange Pop
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Inventive arty pop/rock songs that have that certain strangeness but the beauty of great hooks too..
A place where all the most art school strange leftfield pop n rock songs on IAC end up..These people are musical mathematicians n artists,but they bring pop hooks to the table amidst their strangeness..Station Owner Steve Ison
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When God started to sing
Intelligent creative strange melodic pop/rock that seems to mix Queen/Muse,Queens Of The Stone Age,Emo,Jellyfish,Rufus Wainwright,The Killers and oh..i'm clutching at straws-they don't really sound like anyone in particular-which is of course a good thing.. added to station 1/22/2008 11:05:41 PM
Alternative Pop Rock 2704
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The Oliver Moore Band
For The Sake
Starts off like a bluesy voodoo thing with cluckin' cowbell and modernsinister vibe then develops into a really intriguing left-field pop song when more space suddenly opens up..interesting and wonderfully concise.. added to station 2/4/2008 10:40:09 PM
Alternative 2704
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Tally Hall
The Bidding
Very clever pop in the tradition of Steely Dan,10cc and THere Might Be Giants-even the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band....Lots of great changes and i really like its linear structure..Hardly ever hear that in a pop song.. added to station 1/5/2008 12:10:44 AM
Miscellaneous 2704
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Hundred Hand Slap
Atmospheric and haunting strange-pop/rock track with ace insistent ghostly guitar riff and some neat little chord changes and mood shifts.. added to station 12/19/2007 6:38:58 PM
Alternative Pop Rock 2704
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Strange,distinctive,theatrical pop/indie/punk with sublime guitar riff and wonderful little arrangements and touches.Really exhuberant performance too.Great track i got from K-NDY added to station 11/22/2007 6:39:28 PM
Alternative Pop Rock 2704
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Hiccup Lines
Mancino are a wonderful, highly individual New York group with a free spirited,playful creativity and songwriting imagination that transcends small minded genre limitations..Hiccup Lines is a delightfully ambitious track coming on like a mischeivous song from some dark broadway musical.. As played by an ultra cool post-punk,60s Kinks style,strange prog -pop band...Excellent.. added to station 12/17/2007 11:11:17 AM
Indie 2704
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The City Veins
Strike Up the Band
Well i'm incredibly flattered to see they've picked ison-adelic as their genre..Altho my ego would like to belive otherwise,i'm guessing they havn't got a clue who i am at all n just picked it randomly..Its a strange lollopin' beast of a track in 6/8,interesting n moody with ace slow reverby ooooooo-wahhhhh backing vocals (I've also used them on I KNow A Good Thing) added to station 12/24/2007 4:32:48 PM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 2704
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The Shins
So Says I
Another wonderful track from the very wonderful Shins with an excellent mixture of tarnished sunshine and quirky inventiveness..Injecting the comfortable familiarity of the pop song with an errie haunting strangeness of mood....Really ace.. added to station 8/5/2006 3:06:59 PM
Alternative Pop Rock 2704
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Babel by the mouthful
Another excellent track by Mancino taking loads of unexpected,creative twists..I wish more bands had this kind of inventive dedication to songwriting at scource rather than just concentrating on rockin' ,performance or layering.. added to station 8/5/2006 3:16:24 PM
indie rock 2704
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Katherine's Ghost Babies
Hahahaha..This is a great electro-psych-pop song with brilliant witty lyrics both sinister and hilarious. Really creative,beautifully crafted chromatic tune too..Even tho electro-pop isn't generally my thang-this song's just far too good to let go. The 'Eeerrie Voice-es' melodic pinch from the end of 'I Can See For Miles' is fab.. added to station 11/9/2007 10:00:34 PM
Alternative Pop Rock 2704
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Pro Audio
Child Prodigy... Evil Mastermind
nventive quirky,witty eccentric indie pop..Its funny in a cool way..Great backing vocals,fabulous guitars..Its Pavement after taking acid with Ben Folds and The Beach Boys,which is great by me!. added to station 8/5/2006 3:17:25 PM
Alternative Pop Rock 2704
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Just Another Goodbye Song
Excellent,creative indie track..I love songs with unexpected chord changes and interesting vibes like this...Empathetic yet haunting..Great vocals too...Fab track... added to station 8/5/2006 3:19:15 PM
Indie Pop 2704
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The Tinkerband
There She Goes
A kinda weird hybrid of Russian Cossack music,Country Barn Dance and indie Rock..It really shouldn't work..But it DOES!! added to station 8/14/2006 7:29:51 PM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 2704
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The Happies
WAhaka is another fabulous,fabulous song by these guys..The Happies are probarbly my favourite band on the whole net..Do yourself a favour and check out their page here and click on 'play all'..You won't be disappointed added to station 8/5/2006 3:15:55 PM
indie 2704
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The Shins
Kissing the Lipless
The Shins are an excellent band and this is a fabulous track...I wish more famous bands sounded as cool,melodic and interesting as them instead of corporate,big production-no song and shite. added to station 8/5/2006 3:34:37 PM
Alternative 2704
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Mr Bountiful
Fabulously ramshackle and exhuberant guitar-pop track with brilliant lyric.Sort of Libertines meet Gang Of Four meet The Beatles.The melody is so intuitively wonderful,i could even picture it being played in some off-broadway musical..Excellent added to station 8/16/2006 7:49:12 AM
Alternative Pop Rock 2704
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Steve Ison
Gypsy Annie
added to station 11/28/2007 11:07:01 AM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 2704
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Stereo Apollo
Haircut In Flames
Swoony,dreamy tremeloin' indie pop..The gorgeous falsetto chorus is a total joy....Wonderfully camp Joss smokin' track wearing an afro and hangin' out with the 70s soul brothers or something..Brilliant.. added to station 8/5/2006 3:08:35 PM
alternative rock 2704
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Half of Once
Beautiful airy indie from the excellent Sully..The blue-sky trippin' chorus is just fabulous.. added to station 8/5/2006 3:12:41 PM
Pop 2704
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Steve Ison
Step In My Direction
added to station 8/5/2006 3:58:40 PM
psychedelic pop 2704
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