Mark Charles Lamendola Hi George, I see you have a particuler format but you may wanna hear my tunes for your own listening pleasure...have a good one!
Mikayla Lee Please add my new single 'Might As Well Be Me' to your playlist.
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George Lucas Country
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This station features the music of George Lucas, country music artist from Windber, Pennsylvania along with music from George's peers and musical influences. Enjoy!
Welcome! I hope you will enjoy my music as well as the music from some of my friends and those artists that influenced my singing and songwriting. I like all types of be warned! You won't know what's coming next!
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Merle Haggard
The Fightin Side of Me
added to station 8/21/2007 8:01:01 PM
Country 4428
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Merle Haggard
If We Make It Through December
added to station 8/21/2007 8:01:34 PM
Country 4428
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