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Icons at IMP IndieMusicPeople long time members with a legacy of writing singing producing great songs
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Hard Luck
Dj Bruh bringing you some powerful monstrous kicking rock, Guitar God style edgy with that classic 70s sound, Epic vibe, some huge guitar ripping it up with tasty well appointed progressions with massive crazy wicked fiery guitar. SHREDDING awesome production. big hammering out percussion with a singer that nails it and drops it hard and heavy , listen up you IMPNATION people, check this tunage out, added to station 7/12/2023 11:22:46 PM
Melodic Hard Rock 8630
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negative tendencies
The Freedom To Not Get Shot
eYe would say, without a doubt, one of Neg Ten's most important songs they have released. Addressing an important subject and done with an emphatic call for change. The music is amazing, the singing on point , the band was cooking for sure. My thoughts though are on the subject, mass killings. People with mental illness, unhinged crazies and some with vendetta's. Guns are not the problem! this is about common sense and we all have to find a solution to this terrible horrible problem of mass killings. The heart of our nations peoples have lost their way, lack of self control and morals have been shed and people think they can do whatever they want. hatred runs rampant. It is not the guns to blame, it is the mental state of mind of those who have fallen through the cracks, that is the issue. So people need to be helped and we need to find a way to solve these increasing shootings and placing the blame on a political person or persons or a political party is not the answer. It is the state of mind of the individuals who are doing this type of thing. It is a societal thing. And a spiritual renewal of our society is necessary to bring us to a solution. God Family and County first. Love to others and treating people with respect and consideration can and will help heal this pandemic of killings added to station 7/18/2023 3:30:08 AM
Rock 8630
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Steve April
Naked Comes The Stranger
flashback to the 60s groove, hey man where you at bro, tripping psychedelic vibe. April and Stein deliver goods added to station 2/2/2024 6:11:33 PM
Alternative 8630
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Michèle Raffaele
Not Lost in You
IMP ICON extraordinaire, Michèle Raffaele , just amazing Stellar and kicking fantastic top drawer song. She is an amazing singer performer pianist, such amazing fluid and exquisite piano work, crisp bright tones and colors and well defined, high quality musicianship here, I can appreciate that as I am a piano player by trade and give props to the musicianship here. As for the body of the song well it is brilliant , tripping lyrics, outstanding production and wonderful vocals, an engaging and inspiring listen. here is to Michele, IMPNATION ICON from Dj Bruh the real Dj reviewer added to station 7/8/2023 3:26:16 AM
Adult Contemporary 8630
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Chandra Moon
Shadow Puppets
Chandra Moon an IMPNATION ICON, so Dj Bruh brings you IMP ICON Chandra Moon. On this mysterious she brings forth an engaging and wonderous journey. Shadow puppets is an engaging marvelous and dreamy production. Her songcrafting on this composition is captivating and inviting. Chandra's vocals are wonderful kinda Joni Mitchell feel here on this one. Clearly one of my all time favs of hers. Lyrically she has captured all the elements musically to draw one into this magnificent offering. A gem indeed, to Chandra, an IMPNATION ICON and fab musician ,Dj Bruh says so added to station 7/7/2023 5:38:05 PM
left field 8630
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Duane Flock
On Da Rocks
Duane Flock is one Dj Bruh fav artist here at IMPNATION, my go to guy for guitar works of all kinds multi-faceted genre guy, does anything .Duane shreds and drops some heavy duty guitar work, cool progressions and a rocker shocker slobber knocker. Dj Bruh says listen up, and on all these other stations, from the master of reviews and 5 time Golden Kayak station manager says so RAWK added to station 7/12/2023 3:41:45 PM
Progressive Rock 8630
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Father Time
Virtual Star
Hi its Dj Bruh digging out the gems, diamonds and sparkling songs of the ICONS of IMPNATION , Father Time is definitely for sure without a doubt the undisputed king of indie music writers performers and singers in the world of indie and beyond. FT is The hardest working dude in all of the indie universe and makes the tune an indie hit wonder, this is him in all his musical glory and definitely in his element. All clap for the ICON MAN here at IMPNATION Tip Jar is out and filling fast, sing it bruh added to station 7/10/2023 9:14:05 PM
Folk Rock 8630
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Paul groover
Riders on the storm (cover)
Dj Bruh brings to you another IMP ICON Paul Groover. Paul is a multi instrumentalist producer and works his magic here at indiemusicpeople dropping all kinds of ambient, rock, industrial pop and experimental tripping joints. If you visit his artist page you can experience his vibe by delving into various genre he has created over the years here at IMPNATION. This offering is Riders on the Storm, with his friend Craig. This is one of my favs of all time by the Doors and this cover is rich in pro vibe and production. Paul Groover, is a grooving dude and is a treasure here at IMPNATION. check his page out,.highly recommended. Dj Bruh says so added to station 7/7/2023 5:31:46 PM
Psychedelic Rock 8630
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Richard Scotti
Big soundscape from Richard Scotti, tasty rich tapestry of sounds and textures. Amazing vocals, solid lyrics that draw you in, soul gospel with and big production values. from one of IMP NATIONS legends Richard Scotti is a Dj Bruh Pick in the IMP ICON category added to station 7/7/2023 12:53:46 AM
Classic and Progressive Rock 8630
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Steve April
One of IMP ICONS brings a fresh new sound ,A well produced song with a variety of rhythmic change-ups. well done, vocals are top drawer and songcrafting and lyrical content way awesome. Dj Bruh added to station 7/7/2023 12:50:33 AM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 8630
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Save Me
Lance drops a great tunage with a hip reggae rhythmic tripping beat with top drawer musicianship, wonderful vocals and tasty well placed guitar riffages and that bass and percussion just holding it all together. Lance is a prolific songwriter, top drawer producer and incredible lyricist. He has been nominated many times for Golden Kayaks in multiple genre and is a Winner of a number of Golden Kayaks. His abilities rank right up there with some my favorite songcrafters at IMPNATION such as Steve Ison, Richard Scotti and Father Time. Lance is a IMPNATION treasure and I for one admire his production values, engineering prowess and songcrafting. An IMP ICON -Dj Bruh says so brothers and sisters added to station 7/7/2023 1:26:34 AM
Alternative Pop Rock 8630
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Steve Ison
I Got The Satellite
Without question Steve Ison is one of my all favorite songcrafters at IMPNATION, the man with the golden pipes, magical sounds amazing production, tastefully presented and high markds for musicianship, an outstanding intriguing incredible tune, this has to be his alltime masterpiece of all time in my opinion DJ Bruh Choice for being on this Dj IMP ICON station. added to station 7/7/2023 12:57:43 AM
Space Pop 8630
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