The Areola Treat – or, Aljoli Trid? – as they are affectionately known to their witty friends are a four-piece fronted by Lisa, with Chris on drums, Adrian on guitar and Matthew on bass. They started jamming in mid-2006 and soon found that a punchy, under-4-minute song structure suited their style. Playing together came easily as Chris had played with both Adrian and Matthew before, while Lisa had fantasized about playing with these guys all her short alternative life.

Having said this, the members are determined not to let their previous incarnations influence the band too much – in Matthew’s and Chris’s case for complicated legal reasons, as they are still a part of the money making monster that is Shostakovich’s Nightmare; in Chris’s and Adrian’s case for deep emotional reasons, having once been members of the now sadly departed Lumiere. (The astute reader will notice that Chris is subject to both legal and emotional constraints – poor guy).

As for influences from other bands – these are strictly frowned upon (or, rather, farted upon) by Adrian who quite rightly insists on keeping to the point of the song and finds lengthy digressions about what the band should or shouldn’t sound like tiresomely academic. If it sounds right they’ll keep it; if not it’s out. However, to dazzle you with their impeccable taste here are a few bands they like listening to: The Sound, The Boredoms, Motorhead, Can, P.I.L, The Cramps, The Gun Club, The Fall, The Stooges & a few more. This doesn’t mean The Areola Treat sound like any of the above. Nor do they ascribe to any particular creed. This band is not about spouting slogans or half-baked philosophies of life. This is art for art’s sake; noise for noise’s sake. So don’t ask Lisa what she’s singing about. Or do ask her… but take a deep breath before you do.

The Areola Treat debuted on 20th September at Poxx Bar as a supporting band for This Et Al.

Just one last thing, about the name – It was stumbled upon in Adrian’s living room. Sounds kinky? Well you haven’t seen his living room, have you?

Indie pop tune with a raw edge!

h h

Boulevard Werewolf
this is the song to drive with on!

h h

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Conversation Suicide

10/14/2008 5:26:00 AM

Love that sibby-dibby-ditty


4/3/2008 1:07:37 PM
Excellent tune and....what a voice !!

Let's Go On !





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The Areola Treat