This Berlin based composer operates in a broad creative playground. Beyond Defined Species – the free exposure in experimenting with sound and structure is nearly similar to the path he goes.

Like life is – it was simply a game console when Ecut started producing over ten years ago. Beside of percussion and turntable sets an autarkic working sound was grown. The using of analog and digital sources as well as deeper assimilated vibes are shading colours between black and white.

Just as diverse is the collaboration base he has attracted from all around the world – with names like Film Academy Vienna, Smovement Berlin, Apjiw (Can), Die Linde Berlin, Antonio de Bragga (Can), N-tje (Ger), Imago Meccano (It) and other in his portfolio.

If there is a background then its drawn from life – his music describes stories of different views and tight suggestions – even more a mirror of the phantasmagorium.

Indigo Child

h h

hang on

h h

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Paul groover

9/23/2009 6:51:49 PM
Check out myspace

Paul groover

9/21/2009 6:03:11 PM
Hi no problem i,m doing Jazz right now would you be interested in having a listen



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Berlin Germany
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* Your song 'Indigo Child' has just been added to ecut_selecta station!
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