You know you want it!

It all began in 2002...

Three friends:
A singer.

A guitarist.

A drummer.

Three voices:
Elyza; soul-scouring, delicate yet powerfully moving.

Dan; devastating gruff darkness with utter sincerity.

Phil; soaring tongues of minor-key harmony.

Three years:
The foundations were laid down, bare as bone.

Dan & Elyza combining their writing with dual lead vocals,

and Caleb became.


Welcoming new members Nathan and Alex, and shifting Phil between percussion and jungle kit, Caleb are powerful and emotive, confident and tentative. Caleb give their audience something very diverse - playing all original sets; in just one song you can feel and hear a whole spectrum of sensory experience. Likened to a kind of rock-opera; the use of droning open-string guitar techniques and counterpoint vocal harmonies shape Caleb's sound with forms of grunge, rock, and haunting balladry. Each song has its own flavour; stabbing out dark pangs of emotion and lighter flutterings of melody; Caleb come not to tantalise you but to challenge your thinking. Caleb do not play purely to perform; their depth proves that music is a state of being.

What other people are saying about us...

Todd Beemis: "Caleb is an ethereal -- yes, even gorgeous -- concoction of acoustic/electric guitar, soft bass and drums and most gratifyingly..."
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Dukester: "Did I say these were mellow? Crikey, they've changed. And expanded. And improved..."
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Violet Kerosene: "Last up were Caleb who seem to be able to effortlessly meld many different styles and influences without sounding like they're trying..."
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Mick Mercer: "Caleb look a right bunch of young hippies"
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Noisy! Zine: "Caleb's sound is rather unique, their gentle, folk-like stylings setting them apart from the majority of unsigned bands currently playing around the Southend area..."
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The highlights so far...

2004 - Caleb are the first band to play a live acoustic set on Phoenix FM

2004 - Caleb embark on the 'Preaching to the Perverted' mini-tour

2005 - 'My Last Today' CD picked up by Rough Trade in London

2005 - Podcasts of 'My Last Today' played on 'Sundown Lounge' shows

2005 - Caleb becomes one of the fastest rising Myspace bands in the UK!

2006 - 'My Last Today' hits number 12 in the IAC Big 50 Chart

2006 - Caleb ranked the world's 5th best grunge band by Myspace fans!

2006 - Caleb signs digital distribution deal with Mut Hut Records

Phlegmatic - live acoustic session track for Phoenix FM, 02/02/06

Latest EP Release...

Latest EP Review: My Last Today

"Like an assembly line straight from the firey pits of Hell, the British music scene keeps coughing up a succession of ColdheadRadioplay bands. As so many hairballs from a not-so-musical moggy, they typically cause a listener to gasp and run for the paper towels, the better to clean up the mess from the music room floor.

Thank god, then, for tiny blessings -- and at three tracks, this EP is tiny -- like Caleb.

Hailing from the county of Essex (which gave us, gentle reader, musical superstars such as Victoria Beckham), Caleb is an ethereal -- yes, even gorgeous -- concoction of acoustic/electric guitar, soft bass and drums and most gratifyingly... the sinuous vocals of Ms. Elyza Nicholas.

Nicholas bears comparison to Elizabeth Fraser and Aimee Mann but ultimately brings her own singular sound to the record, most exceptionally on the Dead Can Dance-inspired "What the Hell." This tune went straight to this reviewer's iPod and doesn't look to be leaving anytime soon.

Each of these tunes is an accomplished, assured and precious (in the best sense of the word) piece of songsmithing. I can count on maybe one hand how many times I've wished for more songs on an artist's CD, but the fact that Caleb only give three tracks is a criminal tease.

Music lovers from Brentwood, Essex to Brooklyn, New York and beyond should be rising up in arms to demand more output from this extraordinarily listenable and unique band, if only to counter all the third-rate Keanes and Snow Patrols that currently haunt the British music scene.

Caleb has delivered an immensely satisfying EP, well worth your hard-earned quid down the local record shop."

Todd Beemis

Track Review: My Last Today

"I added this to my station during the first few chords. Hooked right away!"
Rock Goddess

"This is a very sombre but beautiful track with such crystal clear production that one can hear the predominant acoustic guitar drive as well as a very nice drum performance that spices it up just right to make for a delightful audio ride. Truly a memorable track! Rock on Caleb!"

"Caleb has the conviction to be different and the ability to pull it off. I like the drums on this one. Good job."
Kid Ric

Track Review: What The Hell

"An almost rock/opera tale by Caleb. A seemingly sad song, but with acceptance,survival & hope...Love It;)"

"The piece you long to hear and savour in a dramatic stage musical when frustration has given way to hopelessness and depression. Perfect for 'Mood Swings'"
Mood Swings & Roundabouts

Track Review: Unhandled

"Caleb and crew are musical, and oddly enough...there is so much music being made without music. It is also very theatrical, and I really enjoy the dramatic, suspenseful vibe. Caleb is an obvious talent, rich with harmony and diversity, and with yet, a universal appeal (a rare combination these days)"

"This monsterTrack is stuck in Reverse, forcing--no accelerating--you backwards. The present is a moot mute. All you here is a growing, defeaning hail of your own echoes CRUSHING your eardrums...and you can't find the remote again! Handle it. Handle it!"

Unhandled - live acoustic session track for Phoenix FM, 02/02/06

Contact Us...

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We'll usually exceed our daily message quota on Myspace quite quickly, so here are a few alternative routes if you're feeling neglected:

E-Mail band members:

Dan - songwriting, gig enquiries

Phil - business enquiries

Elyza - songwriting, 'arty' stuff

Favourite Sites:

Official Caleb Forum - Wander on over and say "Hi!"

Catnip Radio - Sundays 4pm to 5pm GMT, Unsigned alternative bands

Official Caleb iTunes Site - Caleb, straight to your mp3 player

Noisyzine - Essex zine for alternative music and lifestyles

Red Hat, No Knickers - Bleeding edge web radio show!

Gothador - Very addictive MMORPG... Don't play unless unemployed! :P

The Brick Testament - Surreal blend of _scripture and plastic bricks?

Ross Noble - Very possibly the funniest man alive today!

Still bored?!

Help Dan in his never ending war against the Emos!!
(this game is a bit loud - you might want to turn your volume down a bit!)

Unhandled - Demo
[Insert IAC station review here!]

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Not in the mood for writing journals atm!! Check out our blog section instead... Cheers!



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Marietta I'm so glad you are here! I love your songs. I have added you on my station, but is there a problem with What The Hell? It's not playing. Looking forward to see you perform live soon!
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Nathan - Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Tool, Iron Maiden, Alice in Chains, Dream Theater, Michael Jackson, Funeral for a Friend, Dire Straights, Led Zepplin, Counting Crows, Incubus, Rainbow

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