Formed in early 1999, St. Joseph's Baby Acid comes from a diversity that is usually not heard of in their native home of Miami, Fl. Anthony Gonzalez comes from a background of underground house/trip-hop, who's conviction and intensity will not be unheard. Timm Taylor and Mark Kipper, infuenced by bands Tool, Nine Inch Nails, and Faith No More, inflict infectious rhythms with abrasive melodies. Kauvon, with a history in classical, completes the foundation on which the Baby Acid lie.

Without You
for everyone who is just sick of it all

Industrial/Beat Rock
h h

The Dead Have Bad Dreams

Industrial/Beat Rock
h h

Follow Me
a story about love, obsession, and just how pathetic we really all can be.

Industrial/Beat Rock
h h

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KREAPER nice tunes . slamin!!!
kreaper dead have bad dreams anyway
Lauri Your on top today at Huminuh's Harder Side Finds :)
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St. Joseph's Baby Acid is currently working on their first EP due to be out early summer. Shows will be following. We'll keep you posted as it comes.

note: the name is

St. Joseph's Baby Acid

for some reason, the " ' " symbol could not be in the title.
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