The Double Stops are a band from Bellerose, NY consisting of Peter Mancini, 19, Paul Cianciaruso, 19, and Brian Reilly, 19. We joined up about a year ago, and have recently began to record our original songs. Although home recording has proven to be tough, we're getting better at it the more we do it. We hope you enjoy our songs, and we are looking forward to getting more of our songs written and recorded.

Radio Darling
A track written and recorded in the early months of 2007.

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The BB's Great new music... Excellent stuff.. will add you to my stations
Lou guys i like your songs keep up he good work! Paul you are a time machine I am proud of you!
Ron Love the original songs, and your sound. Want to hear more songs.
Scott good songwriting, get those songs produced
JAWZ Great sound lads, I can hear some talent and originality in there - Just get those vocals up a bit more, it's not easy but it'll be worth it. good luck, you seem to be getting a good response so far on IAC
Don great sound, waiting for more.
Ron from The BB's New song from The BB's - I Can't Believe - please check it out... thanks so much
PT nice
Waylon Jackie
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Jaydon Harley
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This is Pop Got it! thanks. Hope yo don't mind the write-up.
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check out the new tune, radio darling. more to come.
pretty darn good

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