Conversation Suicide is One of Tucson Arizona's most amazing, and eclectic, underground collectives. They have been headed up by PHLEGM on BASS/VOCALS for over 8 years along with a hoary host of talented & creative musicians. Current CORE Lineup includes D-Lo on Vocals/Guitar, and CROSS on Drums/Vocals. Current Additional Guitar work and collaborations from ZTP (IAC Star), Steven Butt, Seth Mckernan, Jeff Rosen, Aaron Murgenthal, Rita Taylor, and IAC Phillie Great, Hugh Hamilton. We are also working with a few hip-hop artists, most notably: C-note, Cuffs, G, and The Country Boys. Along with a HUGE shout out to our most recently exited, amazing Drummer, Dan Ward, who's doin' a little "time". Associating with this collective includes the benefit of being the house band at one of the BEST Tucson UNDERGROUND MUSIC Scenes available, at their practice space in the ARTFEST MUSIC HAUS. These Shows at PHLEGM's humble abode have at times drawn more ears & eyes than than some of Tucson's sadly under-attended clubs. ARTFEST provides a venue for Musicians who create & perform ORIGINAL music and are tired of NOT getting any reward for doing it. Some of Tucson's Finest Musicians have been in the band CONVERSATION SUICIDE and many of that Local Scene's FINEST Bands, and associated musicians, have played one of their EARLY shows, before local acclaim, at an ARTFEST show. This has been going on for over 12 years. The foremost example are the bands, Diversion Program, & Sanity in DEATH (HAMMERMILL label), who not only played at PHLEGM & Princezzz' wedding but have played the ARTFEST Haus at LEAST once every couple of year since 2003. ALSO RECESS RECORDS band SWING DING AMIGOS and the members of SHARK PANTS played an ARTFEST, before they were signed. An interesting number of other SIGNED artists have done some time at an ARTFEST show in the early stages of their music careers. CONVERSATION SUICIDE, Get your D.I.Y. copy NOW, of their 3rd CD, "EBT - CONVERSATION SUICIDE" from the Record Label listed below, OR you can hear many tunes off that CD right here all beautifully mixed & mastered by Bradley Torrison of DARKSIDE PRODUCTIONS. The first two STUDIO recorded CDs, "NOT A CHANCE IN HELL" and "Tucson Epidemic: Bands that shared the same Phlegm", have both been selling without the pretty packaging or BARCODE for $5.00 to $10.00, locally and abroad. You can order these sonically completed works NOW by mailing a $5 money order to the address listed under "record label" below, OR wait for the soon to be mass-produced, with GRAPHICS/LYRIX, etc.: "EBT - THE BEST OF CONVERSATION SUICIDE so far..." coming in 2010. ARTFEST MUSIC is partnering with ROMULUS X Records UK. This will be a compilation of some of our best work 2000-2009. So Beat the RUSH! Get your pre-release D.I.Y. copy NOW from your pal Phlegm! And be on the lookout for EARLY release of some of the tracks off the 2011 CD, "The Early Stages of Total Depravity".
Shine on out there all you crazy diamonds!

D.I.Y. Indie Record Label =
916 S. Elmerita
Tucson, AZ 85710 USA

New LABEL, as of 2010 =
Kenny Colgate and
School of Product Recall's

unfinished unmixed and unmastered WE MAKE THE ROCK
This song features the Amen Break Beat from the 70s, original bass/vocals by pHLeGm, featuring Cuffs of The Country Boys, and some soon to be added guest/cameos. THIS IS JUST to tease, until Thommi Supernova and Natureboy jump on the track this Fall.... yeah boyeeeee !

Hip Hop/Rap
h h

Salvage My Soul -(raw, wall of noise-NOT mixed)
This is going to be fixed/mixed and mastered. Here's the RAW version, prior to our 2012 New DEMO release with Cross on Drums: "The Early Stages of Total Depravity"

Hard Alternative
h h

Fuck Buddy -NEW studio Track and LIVE YouTube
the SCRATCH vocals we did, while recording bass/drums, are slightly off-key, and were off-the cuff; to be replaced with better,'s a NEW poppy punk, "love" ballad for ya.

Pop Punk
h h

Hard to Find (Studio take)
School of Product Recall often says emphatically to pHLeGm: "Why does everything you do, sound like the Beatles, you damn wanker?"

h h

pOt of gOLd - LIVE in the ARTFEST haus
One of my phaVoUrites of the tunes I've colaborated on. Another of the HUNDREDS of tunes, we hope to someday record in the studio...

Hard Alternative
h h

Simple I love you -( feat. Rita Taylor ) - LIVE
just a badass LIVE funky li'l ditty, that ALMOST made it to the studio. I was really sad when this one got PULLED from the lineup for recording a couple of years ago.....and I'm STILL prayin' for livin' long enough to professionally record (with quality players) li'l tunes that CAN, like the MEANTIME though, it's gonna be ALL NEW stuff, on this NEXT CD....

Hip/Hop Alternative
h h

In His Head

Peaked at NO.29 in KIAC Big 50, Number 25 in the Underground 40, Number 1 in Hard Alternative, and made it into the TOP 5 of All Genres. And I couldn't be prouder!

alternative melodic metal
h h

The Sun Is Risin'
Yes, influenced by AL Jourgensen in vocal styling / It's vampiri-licious ... Peaked at no. 5 in all genres and reached Number 1 in HARD Alternative.

Hard Alternative
h h

The One
Once you get past the CHEEZY, but humorous acapella lounge intro by PRINCEZZZ & PHLEGM, designed to confuse & amuse- It's GREAT melodic Alterna-METAL with just a dab of GARGOYLE for Aggression.

Hard Alternative
h h

Private Hell
This one's about somebody you probably know, the character referenced is a SHE, but doesn't necessarily need to be so... WELCOME to their PRIVATE HELL... it's easy to get sucked in.

Hard Alternative
h h

DONE with hurried punk speed in the studio for CHEAP, but still came out kinda cool. Peaked at number 1 in HARD ALTERNATIVE and made it to the TOP 10 of all genres.

Hard Alternative
h h

It's really about the life of an addict, but COULD be interpreted as being about anybody who experienced some psychological/emotional trauma from the LOVELY War in the middle east as a service person.

Hard Alternative
h h

Transitions (Rita Taylor on backup vocals/guitar)
All about being a musician and laying it all out there - I SO do MISS working with an AMAZING female singer/songwriter/guitarist !

indie rock
h h

Time in A Bottle
All about a path taken that is not recommended

Hard Alternative
h h

I wallow in my Own Shit
S'bout all things Conversation Suicide & HELL - written during a down time to purge the demons

Hard Alternative
h h

you look familiar
this tune has done AMAZINGLY in Tucson, got played on Tucson's KXCI station a few times, by local celebrities and music DJ's Al Perry and Don Hennings...wooo hooo!

h h

Feelings comin' Down - LIVE (and VERY listenable)
This song is an obvious happy/sad peppy little blues-rock POP tune, about how we FEEL when in LOVE sometimes...

h h

One of Phlegm's Phirst poppy-rock songs - a little derivative, but kinda cool, catchy vibe...

h h

I feel like I'm dancin' in the street
It's a VERY derivative, 60's soundin', poppy/happy tune from Phlegm. From the B-sides...

h h

I don't wanna Fight with U no more -LIVE
JUST sloppy, FUN LIVE punk phrom phlegm & crew

Live Performances
h h

Psychic Friend
put this up due to a personal request from DirgeK's Mum (Jill) -It should bring at least one or two chuckles out there!

h h

Broken Joke (LIVE)
A beatlesesque ditty with a slightly dark message... made it to TOP 10 of LIVE Performances so FAR Thanks to the Listeners!

h h

It's about friends you meet along the way in this crazy-assed life of ours. Has a great Countri-fied Chorus, Don't you ThinK?

h h

Where's my Friggin' Pipe?
" uhhhh..... what were we talkin' 'bout, man?" "urrrr...uhhhh....yeah...I don't remember either." "That's Conver-fuckin'-Sation Suicide dude! " "wow, man" "yeah, fully" " so, uh, What's Conversation Suicide, again?" "DOH! " " smoke ENTIRELY TOO much Herb!"

Hard Alternative
h h

Pussy Li'l Amp (Blues REMIX #25)
It's Phlegm's Workin' Man BLues REDONE with the NEW band members

h h

Here in This Hell - LIVE=Dedicated to Jim Franklin
Here it is, the first of a few we did with ZTP as guest Lead Guitarist ! Dad, I know you're still making an impact, wherever you are....

Folk Rock
h h

Nasty Keys - LIVE and DEMENTED ambient piece
yeah....I know it's a little long, but it was intended for a small background part in my upcoming first movie.

Musical Theatre
h h

On My Knees 2 Weep -LIVE with special guest=ZTP
this one was from a love poem...

h h

For Gustino -( LIVE / LoVeRLy / Punk LaMeNT )
yup. Another Lo-Phi Gem pHRoM pHuCkinG pHLeGm !!!!!!!!

Live Performances
h h

Don't Wanna Fuckin' Work No More -LIVE n' RAW Punk
I don't wanna Fuckin' Work NO MORE ! but I gots to work a day job, mang. 'tis the LIFE of most musicians. WORK all Day, Play all get the idea.

h h

7 Direct Damage-(NEW, raw trax- b4 mix/master)
this is the first draft of a NEW one, that we currently play LIVE, and with the same lineup as shown below. I.E. D-Lo guitar/vocals, pHLeGm bass/vocals & CROSS drums/vocals.

Hard Alternative
h h

Those RockaBILLy Workin' Man bLUEz - (LIVE)
JUST yet another version of da blues, wit' dat pHLeGm pHuNk...

Live Performances
h h

Drip (Soul Kiss) - LIVE, RAW and REAL Lo-Fi
another Badass one from Conversation Suicide, that should have made it to the studio....

h h

Those Workin' Man Blues
This is the original song by Phlegm that was SO loved by our TUCSON fans, we had to do "Pussy Li'l Amp-BLues remix #25" Well ... uh... yeah-this is the extended ORIGINAL version, complete with ficticious, but NOT entirely heretical ODE, to the BLUES Artists of OLD.

h h

Atlantis (LIVE)
A song about writing a song of The Princezzz, The Poet & the Iron Horse

Live Performances
h h

Do Without
it's silly poppy bluesy alterna rock. A little derivative, but fun.

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

Daffodils (LIVE)
This song is a TRUE Story.... Well Almost!

h h

Hardcore with Phlegm & C-note
Just a cool moment of good FREE-stylin' by PHlegm and his HOMEY C-note over their original beats...

Hip Hop/Rap
h h

Oh, Don't you Know...(sultry & LIVE mellow groove)
A song about one of human-kind's phavourite poetic subjects = LOVE.

Live Performances
h h

YES-FX ( NEW hidden track from our previous CD )
This is the LAST track (after a 3 1/2 minute gap of dead air) on our previous CD - "EBT - The Best of Conversation Suicide so far..."

Experimental AvanteGarde
h h

Kick Your Ass
A Hate Anthem for your Ex

Hard Alternative
h h

Cellar Doors
The alternative to actually murdering is to write a song about it. The TRUE definition of HARD alternative and Creepy serial killer vibes make it work nicely...Don't ya think?

Hard Alternative
h h

Whips and Chains
Oh golly jeepers I do so LIKE her whips and chains!

Hard Alternative
h h

I wish I was a dog - LIVE - perfect 4 LoFi station
Yet another silly li'l retro-style ditty, pretty cool, once you get past the intro.

h h

Jesus Hawker
Yup. Pretty much Stonesy-bluesy-poppy ROck pHrOm pHLeGm

h h

Outta My Way -LIVE
This one is obvious...Just GET OUTTA MY FUCKIN' WAY! Short, and to the POINT PUNK Phrom PHLEGM's long-winded ass!

Live Performances
h h

The Co-Dependent Lie (Goddamn!) - LIVE
S'bout life with an abusive bi-polar person & the horrible cyclical truth

Live Performances
h h

We're in - We're Out (LIVE)
ABOUT 911 events and the ensuing middle eastern conflict. Apparently in the middle of 2002, I turned into a PROPHET... predicting another Viet-nam like scenario. This crap has gone on for almost 7 years now. TIME TO END IT!

Live Performances
h h

No Responsibility
Probably my WORST song vocally, but the MUSIC kicks ASS!

Hard Alternative
h h

Close yo' mutha fuckin' eyes
It's a soon to be true story about censorship, flag burnin', etc.

Hard Alternative
h h

Basic Blues MIX (Keep it Rollin')
We caught this little snippet at one of our many LIVE shows, and BRADLEY TORRISON, my favorite recording engineer was able to mix and master it for presentation on our STUDIO CD.

h h

ENTER her world IF you dare but don't be fooled by the glitter & gloss

Hard Alternative
h h

Funny Li'l Boyz
It's got a GOOD message if you listen to the whole sarcastic piece - Mellow Hick Punk at it's finest.

h h

Fractured Love Song #23
about good sweet lovin' with a quirky message

h h

Burden of the Chain -LIVE n' la-la -LO-FI-Licious
here's another new one, that hasn't made it to the studio yet. Even with all it's imperfections, it strongly captures our range of ideas & diversity of styles.

Folk Rock
h h

Vishnu -LIVE
This song is another one of those "didn't make it to the studio" yet tunes that was played LIVE & with heart, and hopefully captures the VISION of what it WILL be, in the studio...

Live Performances
h h

Writing a song together-"To get Closer to You"
another sweet li'l ditty.

h h

Tell Me Why (so Schitzo)
One of the first tunes I ever wrote a little derivative, but that's what happens when you start writing your own music...

h h

HUGH Look Familiar - the Hugh Hamilton Remix
"this is da HUGH Hamilton meets PHLEGM REMIX!"

h h

'bye Tucson, I'm Goin' to England Town -2010 LIVE
Here's a pHaN pHav: LIVE and RAW n' REAL

Live Performances
h h

LIVE Interview on After Midnight With Lefty Gomez
This is from the February 10th, 2011 Interview on the "After Midnight with Lefty Gomez" show on KNRY 1240 radio, in Monterey, California. A LOT of support for Indie, IACMusic, and IAC Artists mentioned... some fuckin' GREAT stuff in this interaction between pHLeGm & Lefty...

h h

Raymond Porter Interviews pHLeGm in Space
This is the interview (PART 1) with Phlegm of Conversation Suicide, done by Raymond Porter near the end of 2008. As you can hear, I was actually visting Substation ALPHA -97 in outer space, while doing the Interview. So sorry about the poor sound quality from my end. But that's what happens when your millions of miles away, or in another dimension....

Live Performances
h h

Raymond Porter and pHLeGm in space, Part 2
This is part 2 of the lovely, but VERY LONG-winded (sorry!) Conversation with Conversation Suicide, done by Raymond Porter before the trip to the UK. Ray was gracious enough to interview me, even though my responses are from millions of lightyears away, from a communications substation; I believe it was somewhere near Planet 9 in the Bloxlargonian Galaxy. uhh... please forgive the poor sound quality of my voice. -pHLeGm

Live Performances
h h

Rosie (LIVE YouTube Video NEW YEARS Eve Show 2010)


YouTube video=Live a la casa de Princezzz y pHLeGm
includes Redneck Ballerina, a CCR COver= Fortunate Son; Where's my Friggin' Pipe & Punk Ass Bitch.... LIVE & RAW as hell.


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Psyche's Muse

5/20/2016 3:26:20 AM
...Hey! Your stuffs not playin' from your Artist Page here!!! ...won't play anything I've been "clicking" on! might want to check this out! ***FYI - your song "In His Head" WILL PLAY from my station called "I Like Strange". Later! -M-

Conversation Suicide

1/8/2013 6:41:48 PM
Thanx Mr. Grooves... As you well know your Shit is badass, so your opinion means a wee bit more... Rock on!

Paul groover

9/25/2012 6:10:38 PM
American Rock n roll what more do you want

Conversation Suicide

6/21/2012 9:24:02 PM
wow, december, a GREAT month for encouragement; and THEN from X-Mas and into this new year here (2012), we got to be featured artist of the week.

But where did these 6 months go? So much has happened so much to appreciate & catch up on.

Happy Mid-2012 y'all !


12/31/2011 1:40:35 PM



Vincenzo Pandolfi

12/31/2011 7:02:59 AM
Just want to wish you the very best for 2012.



Chandra Moon

12/30/2011 2:39:57 AM
Congratulations on being Featured Artists - you all work so hard and committed to your music you deserve it!!

Slimdog Productions

12/24/2011 3:57:00 PM
Congrats again on making the artist of the week. Long overdue and very well deserved brutha!!! Happy Holidays to you and all your family!!!



12/23/2011 1:57:30 PM
A very Merry Christmas to you and all the family and all the best for 2012. Happy music making

J & T

Slimdog Productions

12/4/2011 10:17:20 AM
Congrats on making the Hitline!!!

Conversation Suicide

9/4/2011 5:43:12 PM
huuurrrkay -ddurrrkay so AUGUST was a pretty bad-ass month TOO; and although we've dropped in the charts a bit, with so much amazing NEW music on IAC, we've still been gaining plenty of new phanz and listeners; as evidenced by our facebook likes. SO YAY Team !!! Thank you to one and ALL who've given us a good listen or two !! ROCK ON, evabuddy, and let's have a killa SEPTEMBER, filled with PEACE, and with spreading that LOVE.... === : 0

Conversation Suicide

8/4/2011 4:21:58 PM
wow. July was a cool month too, with the finances finally coming together for better equipment, and finishing up in the STUDIO for our NEW 16 trax, and a NEW hidden track, on our DOUBLE-CD Release, "The Early Stages of Total Depravity"...So be lookin' for THAT one, in the WINTER of 2011/2012, right before the world ends....tee heeeeee.....

AND, got a message from another of my Phavourite IAC ARTISTS, J. P. Sharpe !
J.P. I'm still serious about covering one of your tunes, ASAP I'll probably try to bring SCHOOL of Product Recall in on guitar! He claims he'll be heading out to stay with me in TUCSON, for a couple of months, all expenses PAID, in early 2012... So we'll be contacting you, in the distant pHuTure, bro.

Peace to all o' y'all and SPREAD that LOVE, mang! Have a KILLA August...

=== ; - }

J. Patrick Sharpe

7/10/2011 7:13:10 AM
Hey Phlegm,

How you doing? Just stopping in to say hi. Checking out your videos now. Awesome! Been away for a while but coming back into the fold to see what is going on with my friends at IAC. I took down a bunch of my older recordings and I am kind of starting over. Posted new songs and newer recordings of older songs. Pretty much sounds like me these days when I am playing to four walls and a ceiling. Hope all is well with you guys. You still moving across the pond at some point?

Keep doing what you do. It makes people happy and it makes a difference!

JP Sharpe

Conversation Suicide

7/9/2011 7:58:08 PM
WOW - so JUNE a great month too, for growth in listenership, and COOL comments from my peeps and some amazing IAC Artists; HELLZ yeah.
This is what helps keep the new original music goin' y'all.

ZTP You're fuckin' AWESOME bro; keep keepin' it real, mang.

SilverDoods Rob, Leo, et. al Y'all are some of my role models, with your never ending drive to spread that love, and do your music, through even DARK tragedies that you've faced in New Zealand, in the past few years Definitely on my list of folks to meet in person, if there's ever a way - Thanks for the kind words, and all the best for a much less disaster-filled Summer/Fall & Winter, my brothers.

Bev You already know you're phReAkiN' beautiful & musically a Goddezzz, when you do that thang you do I've sent a lot of phanz & listeners your way all the best for even BIGGER successes in this second half of 2011!

PEACE, and SPREAD that LOVE y'all....

=== ; - p


6/27/2011 7:35:10 AM
Keep Rockin This Is IAC!!! to me So PhanPhukkinTastic to listen to!!!ZTP333



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The HARD ALTERNATIVE, and POP genres were REAL GOOD to us in 2009/2010 and it's amazing to find that people all over the world are still diggin' us!
Thank you IACMUSIC listeners, STATIONS & musicians for helping us stay in the top 40 of a few categories of music, in the POPULAR Vote, for that lovely Year of The Indie Contest. AND THANK YOU, THANK YOU Judges for selecting IN HIS HEAD as NO.2 in the HARD ROCK/Metal Category; with our boyz from Product Recall RIGHT behind us, at Numero Tres!! Hopin' for MORE SUCCESS in 2011, so stay tuned....
CHECK OUT OUR POP, BLUES, Country/ HIP-HOP and Rock & Roll filled tunes, to see WHY we're called Tucson's MOST Eclectic Music Collective. Our only hip-hop offering so far finally reached the top 10 again in Spring 2011, and a BIG shout out to our fellow collaborator, ZTP, another amazing Hip-HOP / Blues /Rock Artist who's joined IAC, and been tearin' up the CHARTS himself! Big thanks to SLIMdog for Playin' OUR "Hardcore with Phlegm & C-note" on his "If you're not the LEAD dog" station! Hopefully many MORE stations will pick up our first two STUDIO hip-hop recordings, coming SOON, from Romulus X Records UK, if we can pull off a big move to London, or somewhere nearby, England. Otherwise, it's D.I.Y., baby, With D-lo, pHLeGm, Cross, and all the others, for our forthcoming 2011 12 track CD release.

And if you DIG any of this, PLEASE do try out PHLEGM PHAVORITES
-From this page. It's a station for ALL music that Phlegm has either created or come to LOVE on IAC.


is an attempt at a TOP 50 chosen by Phlegm.

IF you like OUR idea of what HARD Alternative should sound LIKE, then try the station:
REAL HARD Alternative

Conversation Suicide = Trying to put the HARD back in HARD Alternative!

IF you wanna build YER OWN station, then simply call pHLeGm, at 520-546-4522 in the states. Even leaving a voicemail will work. We'll play ANY IAC Artist you want. C'mon! Give us a call:
Phlegm's Phone-in Request Line Station

AND for a better understanding of our eclectic musical tastes, and MORE by some of Phlegm's PHAVOURITE IAC Artists, give a listen to Phlegm Phavourites OverPhlow or Phlegm Phavourite Country and Blues,
if yer a BLues, RnB, Hip-HOp, Country-lovin' FOOL, like me.

IF you think you'd DIG seeing/hearing these IAC Indie Bands, LIVE then PLEASE do check out: LIVE and Lo-Fi a la pHLeGm, for some of the BEST LIVE IAC tracks out there.

FINALLY To hear the MANY SUCCESSFUL Indie/Underground/Punk/Metal/Hard Alternative GODS & HEROS that are also IAC Artists Check out PHAMOUS PHLEGM PHAVOURITES, where there's not even a BIT o' pHLeGm...just those who've TRULY "made it".

-Much LOVE for IACMUSIC and anybody listening out there,

May 2011:
Conversation Suicide are still in the negotiations for the release of "The Best of Conversation Suicide so far", and a BRAN-NEW 12 track Album, on ROMULUS X Records UK- Indie Label, Phlegm is truly challenged and inspired! Y'all should check out the GREAT music that is being put out by Kenny Colgate's ROMULUS X Records. We've been lucky enough to cultivate a friendship with one of Kenny's brightest & best, who is a SOON to be a LABEL mate, and BAND mate:
SCHOOL of Product Recall, from ROMULUS X RECORDS UK.
So 2010, was planned to be the YEAR of ROMULUS X Records BRITISH invasion, with Product Recall adding pHLeGm on BASS, and Conversation Suicide adding School on guitar.. Not to mention a few other suprises, from collaborations with other UK IAC Artists, like Colin of The CODE, and possibly Chris of DATA THIEVES...teee heeee...I fuckin' CAN'T wait! The CODE is phenomenal 90's meets NEW millenium ROCK and ROLL in my book. And OH the things I could Acoomplish with Chris on KEYS & Backup/or even LEAD vocals.....>!~!!!!!!!...
It would have TRULY been an honor to be working with all of these gentleman, and possibly, for "Terrin' it up" on our forthcoming CD with Aimee Terrin ,, but only time will tell if it's REALLY going to happen, MAYBE in 2011, and for that hope, we can thank IACMUSIC, among many others!
So, LIVE your FUCKIN' DREAMS, no matter HOW crazy your family and friends say they are.

-peace & Spread The Love

-the mighty pHLeGm
Apocalypse Radio
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Station Links
Acid Rain   ACID RAIN: This STATION HAS some GREAT tunes and has been good to US!
Black Label   ALWAYS in the TOP 20 of stations, 'CAUSE DARKNESS and HEAVY keeps music in the BLACK!
Hard Alternative   WE WANT TO BE PLAYED on this STATION! -C'mon, doesn't makin' it to the TOP 10 of HARD ALTERNATIVE with THREE singles so far make us worthy enough?? PRETTY PLEASE??!!!
JAM NIGHTS HARD ROCK   Love this concept for a STATION--Thanks for playin' US people!
Phlegm Phavorites   Phlegm's Phavorite tunes on IACMUSIC at the moment
Hugo Collabs   Proud to be on this Jack-of-all-instruments & styles COLLAB Radio StationGO HUGO! You fuckin' rock!
REAL HARD Alternative   Here's the one i dubbed REAL HARD Alternative NOT yer grandaddy's HARD Alternative!
Living life LIVE   Living Life LIVE Station We'd LOVE to have some of OUR live tuneage up in here!
IF YOU'RE NOT THE LEAD DOG...   My favorite hip-hop and R&B station on IAC. GO Slimdog!
Sandman's Songbirds   This station is hands down, one of the COOLEST on IAC. And they've been nice enough to include US a few times ... urrr... so they get EXTRA style points for THAT, of course!
*****DirgeKs Furry Friends*****   this station is awesome, mellow jamzzz
Phlegm Phavorites  
Page Links
Ever Under   These guys are awesome both STUDIO and LIVE and WE had the RARE opportunity to play with 'em in TUCSON!
KENNY COLGATE   Thanks Kenny for linkin' us --so we return the FLAVOR, You do so much for the indie scene, I don't know where to start! -Luv, Phlegm
Pete Townshend   A original ROCK & ROLL HERO for REALS
NOFX   One of our FAVORITE PUNK bands who added their own creative twists & helped REVIVE and keep the whole PUNK genre thriving for YEARS! PUNK IS NOT DEAD!
Frank Black   The Pixies & KIM DEAL are some of my earliest influences on writing my own MUSIC... hopefully on some songs you can tell, but JUST barely!
Dodge N Bullets   Urrrr... I better add THESE guyz, eh? Since I'm their NEW bass player for the NEW year (2009)!!!
The Wizard X   Here's the Wizard behind it all. ROMULUS X RECORDS ROCKS !!!

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