Hi I walked into a pub in kington Herefordshire,(Mike oldfield country) and met the landlord a Irish fiddle player! You just knew that it was going to be intresting just to stand up in the morning.
He used to supply free beer If I played, which seemed a good idea, but that used to go on untill 5 AM sometimes on a week day!
Sometimes in the early hours something special would evolve out of the chaos, and Pete the fiddle player would come up with,"That was a bit of lunacy lets have a bit more".
Thats how LUNACY THE BAND evolved out of chaos.
Paul the singer, and 12 string man was working behind the bar and had played with Pete the fiddle player for some time. We think his record is playing a 12 string with only 5 strings left at 9.30 am.
I bought a cheap guitar and Paul used to try and show me riffs and cords when we were pissed, and he used to get pissed off because I used to come back next day and play something different because I could not remember.
This lunacy took us beyond the infulence of cause and effect, and gave us a unique perspective of the universe.
The unique high energy upbeat sound evolved out of chaos !
More than a band more like a experience!!
To book the band phone John on 01544230699 or email eurolott@tiscali.co.uk

Irish banjo solo Roddy macauley
Banjo Solo instrimental.If your feet dont tap to this you may be dead!

Live Performances
h h

Heaven is here on earth
Original song showing that there is more than one way of looking at life. You are allowed to dream whatever your religion!

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Shaggy Dog
Based on a shaggy dog story told at the Big chill Uk.

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
h h

Irish Banjo Solo Harvest Hornpipe
Banjo solo based on a tune played on by a Irishman at the Fairports Croperdy Convention.


h h

Let me take you in the river !
Country boy fun. Banned from driving band member asks his much younger next door neighbour to drive him to the river. Her dad thinks he is mad as he playes in a band called Lunacy!

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
h h

drinking and driving
Being banned from driving can be fun!

h h

If your looking for peace within its worth a listen

Live Performances
h h

Salty bitch
Bluegrass version of a song started by a caujon band because the guitar player turned up two hours late for a practice. Converted by Lunacy to bluegrass.Influenced by a moria called Wicksy,played on guitar by the banjo player,born in India.

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
h h

I was not born to fund a war
Political comment anti iraq war,and the fact that people are not taken into consideration before going to war. War is a political game that makes politions feel important.Its easy for them to play becuse they are not present at the kill! unlike fox hunting.To see video click on the top artist link at the bottom right side of this page

Live Performances
h h

Burlesque banjo on the dark side of the moon
Its unbelievable! Pete and paul recorded this track in the front room at home.I think the fishing bait must have been giving off some funney fumes. John wood put the banjo on after. Not John Wood the Pink Floyeds sound enginer. To see Video go to utube search for Brain Damage Lunacy


Alternative Retro and Psychedelic
h h

Born to be wild
recorded live new years eve with 2 mics 4 ft away in a pub! To see the video click on the artists link bottom link at the bottom right side of this page

Live Performances
h h

Tom Dooley
Tom Dooley played at the Lunacy foot tapping speed

Live Performances
h h

Johny b good plays the banjo
John Wood cant read or write to well but he found a drum machine a guitar and a banjo as well

h h

Monster Raving Loonies puting on the style
The song evolved from playing at the Official Monster Raving Loony music party


h h

I will Tell Me Ma (The Belle of Belfast City)
Live at the Unicorn Ludlow new years eve 2008.Foot stomping Irish trad played on a fiddle a banjo and a guitar at Lunacy speed. That is the speed that starts the joint jumping.

Live Performances
h h

Raven Lane
This a recording of a live jam session at a party with 12 party people between the mics and the singer Rory,John the banjo,Pete the fiddle and Clinton on a tea chest base.Rory was the first person to get the people to shut up and lisen.This could be a good song!

Live Performances
h h

Dirty Old Town
playing live t the Unicorn new years eve

h h

Leaving of liverpool
Banjo and whistle trad folk song

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
h h

DMD Compact Disc Online
The band went fishing
John Wood of Lunacy was left with the amp, cd recorder,banjo, and a guitar when the rest of the band went fishing. This was the result.

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana  info  

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J. Patrick Sharpe

1/25/2009 3:53:41 PM
You guys are great! Keep up the good work. Love the live sound. Stop by my page sometime and have a listen to some of my tunes. Best wishes, -JP


2/13/2008 11:24:10 AM
Hi guy's - some new stuff going up on our page!!!

How is it going???


2/4/2008 4:50:22 AM
Aright Chaps!!! Some good strumming Here!!!!


12/27/2007 3:46:50 PM
Hi Lunacy - I played in a band called 'The Late Road Lunatics' in the late '70's - so looking forward to hearing some of your stuff!!!



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Lunacy are playing at the Miners Arms whitecroft nr lydney glos 7 march 2009. Lunacy are playing at the Unicorn at Ludlow on the 9th of may 2009
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Lunacy are playing at the Unicorn at Ludlow food festival friday the 11 sept. Lunacy are playing at the Llandyssil Dragonfest Powys.co.uk 12sept.Lunacy are playing at a wedding nr Ludlow friday sept 25..Lunacy are playing at the Baskervill arms cliro 31 october.Lunacy are playing at the unicorn 6 dec private weding
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