Say hello to the ""5 Knuckle Fist"" the drug lords of rap. This group is a made up of pure raw Boston talent that is about to sweep the hip-hop nation, just stay tuned....
Here it is, this raw from the streets greezy old school meets new are difined by Rappers Futur-E, DefInIt, 2K aks The Snyper and The Bomb threat. FUTUR-E, DefInIt and 2K are 1st cousins and they have been working together before their teens putting together their 1st group called ""White Magik"" in the 80's where they would go on to be the 1st white rap group in Boston to appear LIVE on the a local college radio station. In the 90's DefInIt and futur-E started a group they would call ""Cyber Phunk"" and in that same time error DeFInIt and 2k with a rapper by the name of ""MADDEVIL"" R.I.P started to collaborate in what became ""Tri Terror"". In time all had dismantled, but the cousins felt they needed to join together and do what they do best, Hip-Hop MUSIC. Then they found the ""Bomb Threat"" who sparked a lite and the ""5 Knuckle Fist"" was born. Then in 2003 the group teamed up with a local Boston rapper named J-STIVY and recorded some tracks. Tragically J-STIVY passed away, RIP WE LOVE YOU AND WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU HOMIE! 5 Knuckle Fist will be spreading through out the WORLD....

Devil Child
free style
hlAdv Licensed Cover

Hip Hop/Rap
h h

War Times

Hip Hop/Rap
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5 Knuckle Fist

7/7/2008 8:53:57 AM
We're commin to get ya!!



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5 Knuckle Fist