1 of Those Nights
The tale of a magical night on the town on a very tight budget.

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The Best is Yet to Come
An anti-war message.

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Marenisco Blues

Electric Blues
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Pete Fontana

4/17/2010 8:31:52 AM
Wow, just found these comments, sorry I wasn't ignoring you. Actually they are a collab effort between myself and Kevin Smith. Kevin plays most of it and sings, I punched in some solo work here and there.

Thanks for listening!!

never never band

1/3/2010 11:42:46 AM
Nice Chops Bud!!!
Nice guitar tone too!!!!

are you playing everything?


1/2/2010 10:49:27 AM
I wondered what your music would be like Pete - two good songs there, powerful sound. Jilly.

Pete Fontana

1/2/2010 9:59:37 AM
Okay, I finally got a couple tunes uploaded, enjoy!



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