JT began singing in middle school. He performed with his school choir, church choir, performed in solo competitions in the local area as well as regional competitions. As time went on he branched out to trios and barbershop quartets, where his love of harmonizing grew. In high school he performed in the musical “West Side Story.”

After JT graduated he enlisted in the Army where he spent the next 8 ½ years. JT completed basic training at Fort Benning, Georgia. He was then stationed in Aschaffenburg, Germany and served in Desert Shield/Desert Storm. During his time in Germany his love for singing and performing continued. JT was part of a rock band for a brief period of time, until others in the band were reassigned to other bases.

Upon returning to the states, JT never lost the love for singing but it was put on the back burner for a brief time. After moving several times he settled in Elkhart, IN and began singing in the local karaoke bars. But he still wanted more. So he started competing again in the local area. Recently he’s picked up the pace and branched out to more regional and national competitions. During 2008 JT was a regional qualifier for the Colgate Country Showdown twice, a regional finalist in the International Bowlers Association Karaoke competition and a finalist in many other local competitions.

JT has expanded into songwriting and has several of his originals now being played on internet radio stations, syndicated radio shows in the U.S., as well as stations in Denmark and Australia.

His first release, “Me and You, and the Red, White and Blue” was written from his personal perspective of his time in the service. It has been on the Independent Music Network Chart for 12 weeks, during which it has been in the top 10 eleven of the twelve and 4 weeks in the top 5.

JT’s latest release, “Keep Pushing On” is a song that was inspired by the loss of his 6 year old nephew. This song took 7 months to write and went through 5 different versions before the final draft was complete. He’s hoping this song will help others to move on with their lives, as it has for him, while never forgetting those that they have lost.
Having meet so many people along the way, I would like to give big thanks to the staff at HOOAH!!!! Radio, for all the love and support of the music, and the dream. Check them out at www.hooahradio.com

Keep Pushing On
This is a song that hopefully will help people to continue on after loosing someone very close and special to them.

h h

Me and You, and Red, White and Blue
This is a song that talks about some of the things that went through my head while I was in the military, and over in Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm.

h h

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JT Hollis

8/10/2009 7:22:44 PM
New HOOAH!!!! Radio Logo

Doc Killian

4/8/2009 5:18:40 PM
Hey Jt, Great seein ya here...Best wishes for your musical success...Yer Buddy ..Doc



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""Me and You, and the Red, White and Blue"" has now reached 13 weeks straight on the Independent Music Network Charts, and 5 weeks straight in the top 5, after reaching a high of #2.
""Me and You, and the Red, White and Blue"" is currently in the first round of voting for the Michigan Vet Fest Theme Song Contest.
""Keep Pushing On"" being featured on Denmark Radio, Fremantle Radio out of Australia, and 400 Stations in the U.S.
"Me and You, and the Red, White and Blue" wins the Michigan Vet Fest Theme Song Contest, and will be featured at the Michigan Vet Fest Benefit Concert!
"Keep Pushing On" Debutes on the Independent Music Network Country Charts at #10!!
"Keep Pushing On" moves up to #8 on the IMN Country Charts!!
"Keep Pushing On" hits 3 weeks straight on the IMN Country charts, and has moved up to the #4 spot on the charts!!!
"I'm Alright Now" is released. This is a 5 song acoustic EP by JT Hollis and Scott Hatton.
"The Road Ahead" off the EP "I'm Alright Now" hits #18 on the IMN charts.
New single release "Livin' The Dream" debuts on the IMN Country chart at #12
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