Angel of Anger were born in November 2003 from an idea of
Andred for “Giving Life” at her lyrics.
Andred, with the help of Lord Axl (Voice/Guitar of Winged)
decides to search new members interested in a brand new project.
Spezz, a bass-player, quickly decides to join the band.
After a lot of auditions, in May 2004 Angel of Anger completed
their line-up with Animal as drummer.

And so... Everything... Begins…

During 2004 the band is searching his own musical identity,
composing different songs.
In November of the same year, Denis joins the band as solo guitarist.
Months passing by and Angel of Anger’s sound is getting its own style,
the band’s sound is not definable, build up with a Gothic base but
influenced by the most extreme musical genres as Death and Black Metal, with a continue research of a unique and innovative style.
The voice is both melodic, screaming and growl sang interpreted
in a natural and expressive way.
The lyrics are own composed and full of arcane thematics,writed by Andred.
In January 2006, due to different musical affinities, Denis leave the band;
His role is immediately taken by Los.
Quickly integrated, Los has given his contribution at the band with
Dark influences.
After some live experiences Angel of Anger are still collecting successes,
due to a strong sonority and a proper stage presence.
In 2007 Angel of Anger record their first cd titled: “ANGEL OF ANGER”
care of “Lo Studio Dell’Arcano” (Bologna, Italy).
After recording, Animal decides to leave the band, replaced in October by Grodnah.
In November of the same year, the band starts the recording of their first official video “Wake Up Spirit” with management commitment of Ocularis Infernum for the promoting of the forthcoming album.
The Officially release date of the Album “Angel of Anger” is the 11th April 2008, and the presentation is the 12th April at Fabrik (Torino, Italy) during the Concert “In Nomine Lilith” with Cadaveria.
The Cd contains 5 tracks and a multimedial session with the Video of “Wake Up Spirits”, Bio, Official / Live Pics and Contacts.
Angel of Anger start an intense live activity, playing in different club with many bands and with storical name of italian Metal such as: Necrodeath, Mortuary Drape and Cadaveria.
On June 2008 the band signs under “Holier Than Thou Black” (UK) for the digital distribution of the Cd all over the world.
On July 2008, Andred is contacted and interviewed by Carnifex Metal, for a partecipation on the Book “Metal Queens: Death Metal – Volume 1, Numer 1”; the issue is set on August 2008 and with a distrubution of 5000 copies.
In August, of the same year, for more engagement of his study, Los leave the band.
The “Angel of Anger”'s promotion continue, the band received many good review in Italy and abroad.
In September 2008, Angel of Anger play with DEICIDE (U.S.A.) in a italian mini tour.
Now the band is working on new tracks for the new Album.


Ocularis Infernum
“Management & Promotion”

"Wake up Spirits" Wake up Spirits” - Angel of Anger (2008)- Starts with a heavy riff creating a link with the intro track, before slowing down to mid-tempo, building up to a brutal and fast finale.

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7/18/2009 8:50:34 PM
Blasphemic greetings from Italy.
Thanks for your friendship and support!
Stay Black!!!

Angel of Anger.



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Available directly at the band
""Angel of Anger"" CD.
Information about Orders/Interviews to ""Angel of Anger"":






Artist: Angel of Anger

Title: Angel of Anger

Label: Self Released

Genre:Black/Death/Gothic Metal

01 Intro – Angel of Anger
02 Wake up Spirits
03 Angelic Pain
04 My Grave
05 The Only Certainty


Angel of Anger are a new project on the extreme gothic metal front.
When you say a genre phrase like that, the first band imagery that must come to mind are Cradle of Filth, Crematory, and of course, old Theatres des Vampires, and while both TdV now share a female vocalist and are from Italy, there are many reasons that Angel of Anger come out as the better project, but we'll save the Theatres des Vampires trash talk for another time. This is Angel of Anger's first offering and it has come about as a need for female vocalist Andred to more or less express her writings in an extreme atmosphere. Born an Italian project in Bologna in 2003, this EP has been more or less 5 years in the making, after two small line up changes. Angel of Anger is also closely related to another Italian project, Winged, that was most prevalent in the mid-90's.
Obviously with the term 'gothic' and 'female vocals', you've most assuredly gotten a very definitive picture in your head of what to expect from Angel of Anger. The truth is, you might as well forget whatever it is you're thinking right now. You won't be hearing any operatic vocals from Andred, and you surely will not be hearing any cheesey gothic bullshit or overly keyboard-laden sappiness. What you can expect is a ton of brutally savage and distorted vocals from Andred as well as some non-epic clean styles during some acoustic moments. The music itself features more thrash-anthem styled riffs and drums, and combined with Andred's unique vocals, make for an atmosphere and sound that is reminescent of Germany's Destruction. There aren't many blackened riffs to be found, the music isn't brutal enough to be death metal, and its not pompously sophisticated enough to be deemed gothic metal. Angel of Anger are female-fronted extreme thrash, which I'm proud to say is probably a first of its kind. I know in all my years I've never quite heard anything like it, and its GOOD, though the production is still lacking in the area of professionalism. Great quality nonetheless.
The other unique aspect of the band is their nearly folk acoustic transgressions. The beginning of Angelic Pain is a melancholic, writhing introduction that focuses on some sad acoustic with very beautiful sung lyrics in an Italian folk tone. Anyone familiar with that delicate and depressive sound that their music holds will recognize it instantly in this introduction. My Grave also features a killer blackened breakdown in the middle, though with the lack of vocals in this section it really can't make the whole thing be considered partially black metal. It should be said that the band did the best they could for what a non-label financed album can produce, and this certainly has a lot to offer on the professional front. The CD also features a rather extensive multimedia section including a biography, pictures, and a halfway DIY, halfway very professional and haunting video for Wake up Spirits. For a first effort, this one offers more than any passionate metal lover could ask for, and is well worth your attention.


Written by Ruigeroeland on METAL ARCHIVES
on July 25th, 2008

Angel of Anger is an Italian band whose style is a mixture of Gothic, Death and Black Metal. The band formed at the end of 2003. They gained experience playing live before recording anything, but they finally recorded their debut EP which was released in 2008.
After listening to this release, it is clear that mixing three styles of metal doesn’t cut it for Angel of Anger. They don’t stick to a style but incorporate everything they think suits the song. One might be afraid this would result in in-cohesive and chaotic songs, but that is certainly not the case.
Proof of Angel of Anger’s lack of respect for standing conventions is displayed right at the beginning of the EP. The intro really took me by surprise, blasting off full force right away. “Wake up Spirits” starts with a heavy riff creating a link with the intro track, before slowing down to mid-tempo, building up to a brutal and fast finale. The heart of the EP is “My Grave”, clocking in at over eleven minutes and displaying everything the band has got to offer. The music alternates between extreme metal sections and Gothic beauty, with Andred, the lead singer of the band, adapting easily to each of the styles.
Her vocal style is very diverse, ranging from clean to semi-spoken to screamed vocals. She is able to pull of all of these styles with ease.
The band has done everything to ensure a professional image with a great production of both the music and the visual aspects like the cover and cd itself.
In conclusion I must admit that Angel of Angers music might be somewhat on the extreme side for my taste, but there enough elements in their music to make it quite enjoyable, even for someone like me, who prefers their metal somewhat soft and melodic. Plus the fact that they are capable of writing good songs and performing them with grace, I think I can safely recommend this to anyone into extreme metal.
Diversity done right - 75%

Bloody Mayhem

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