FOR BOOKINGS CONTACT Deano Hall 18763964478 Bio Iyano Iyanti Biography "" JAMAICA 876-396-4478 Iyano Iyanti Biography “A family with music is the family tradition” This aspiring Artist has a Taste of destiny is at his fingertips. Iyano Iyanti is blessed with resourceful talent. Deano Hall AKA Iyano Iyanti was born on the 8th of February 1983. This was the time when the political climate of the eighties was the worst the Country had seen. Deano and his family literally ran and “left the house from Cockburn Pen, his Family ended up on the cool hills of Gravel Hill, Claremont , St. Ann . He lived several places in St. Catherine and now rests in Ewarton by Kingston . At about Fourteen years old, his mother, the only parent he had a relationship with, migrated and since then, his grandmother and aunties all helped to raise and guide him into the positive person he is today, He was one of three children that his father had and only child of his mother. He attended Bybrook Basic School from there to Linstead All Age school, where he took the grade Nine-Achievement Exam and received entrance into McGrath High in Tredways. There he > did his CXCs after which he got certified for courses in > bartending and Catering and He did seven months in Early Childhood education and also getting to teach at the basic school level. This young artist is to bring his positive flair to the music industry with fresh positive music, Iyano Iyanti is a name he created for himself meaning “The Emerging force of Righteousness” These are truly deep words he utters as a 21st century young Rastafarian. Music is his life. His Grandfather the late James William Boyd. was a member in the Alpha Boys Band;also his aunties were very vocal.A musician/producer in the family into music seems inevitable. It was leaving high school that he began to make serious steps towards making his own music by writing his own songs [2003]. EP Called ""Positive Components"" tracks like: We can make it better; Badness no pay; Uplifting; It Noh sweet; No lethal weapon; Feed me music; Rose’s; Jah please be there. Discography 1. oh gosh oh gosh, written July 7 2003 for the Veteran producer Dennis fearon also go’s by the name Jah D. but his professional recording came in 2007 The EP Positive Components some of these songs were recorded at Builders Music Company for the producer Diavallan fearon BMI also the son of Dennis Fearon, songs like 2.We can make it better, written Jan 1 2005 3.Feed me music, written Feb 16 2008 4.Badness no pay, written Mar 05 2005 5. Baby got me going written April 19 2007 6. Uplifting written Jan 12 2005 I’ve recorded over 28 songs there with some combinations being apart of that list. Other Producer on the EP are Jason Fearon of Proto-jay music also son of Dennis Fearon, He produced the song called 7. Rose’s written Aug 30 2005 8.Jah Please be there, written May 23 2005 all of these recording conducted in Kingston Jamaica. the final Producer on the EP is Marc Baronner of Not Easy At All Production This is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands 9.It Noh sweet, written Feb 17 2006 and 10.No lethal weapon. written Jan 06 2005. Release date of EP""Positive Components"" is Fall 2009/2010. Goals with my new Manager is to get organized for release into the music Industry ,Perform ,go to the next levels and tour next Big things are about to happen. Radio list featured some songs: Reggae radio Irie FM 10.77 in JA. News talk 93FM in JA Unique fm in Nottingham uk 94 fm in Atlanta Georgia Conscious fm 106.9 FM sat 10pm - 1am London uk KWUF/106.3FM C/O Roots Radio.Pagosa springs Colorado . STATION FM 89.8FM UK / ALLfm 96.9fm Manchester , UK Performances first show ,show case Ewarton st Catherine event was Camp fire Dec 31 2004 which I and my musical brothers JahCertian and Shanti Rebela massive crowd appeal Ohio Rios St Ann’s at a place called the roof night club June 26 2005 again great reception, moving on up in the hills of st Ann’s the place called gravel hills a number of performances in the hills, coming off the hills to find my self working alongside Lava-stick,Klaskic Mathew McAnuff, Ishmael McAnuff,Music Addict on our builders Family stage show at portmore Jamaica 2008, WeekEndz Kingston 2008, moving to Manchester Marcus Garvey celebration work along side JahGhatti, Empress and History man 2009.Kingston again Empress Mennen Celebration 2009 backing by the Uprising Band, moving on wards to St Thomas Talent extravaganza 2009 rocking all the way and previously done St Mary 2009 Nest Café stage show that was a great also Iyano Iyanti the movements goes on…. "" Jamaica 876-396-4478 see two other myspace pages EP soon out Fall of 2009/2010 From Kingston Jamaica

We can make it better
Reggae message music....
Licensed Cover

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