Thomas Floyd Riggs has been giving music to the world for over thirty years playing bass guitar, guitar, backup and lead vocals in rock and roll bands throughout the seventies and eighties on the west coast of California to songwriting and performing solo with his acoustic guitars and harmonicas in the Beautiful hardwoods of Indiana.
Thomas Floyd has been actively involved in the peace and environmental movements since the Vietnam era and continues to sing out against war and pollution today. From promoting and performing at the “Free Concert For Peace” which featured artist from Neil Young’s living With War Today to standing alone to sing out against the Iraq war on the state house steps in Indianapolis.
As evident by his last three albums on “Path With A Heartbeat Records” Tom’s music can be hard rock or acoustic rock it can have a country feel or be downright folk music but always original, entertaining and thought provoking.
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Somewhere out There

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Spirit Eyes
A mystical acoustic guitar piece with a very native vibe

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
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Paulo Gama

3/30/2010 9:09:44 AM
Hi!...just to say i enjoyed listening to your songs.Nice work!
Regards from Portugal.
Paulo Gama



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