The “Volition” audio book features a beautiful collection of short stories, essays, and poems on various subject matter that is pertinent to our daily lives and is relevant to the struggles we face today.

Offered exclusively through this page, is a complementary collection of images photographed by the author of “Volition” for your enjoyment.

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To listen to more samples from the Volition audio book, please visit this page.

see my photo gallery.

I shot these photographs myself and I am quite proud of my efforts. Only the best images were selected while the rest did not make the cut.

The photos are unsigned and do not contain any watermarks. Your order entitles you to a license for personal use. All commercial use is strictly prohibited. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. I hope you enjoy them. Best regards and warm wishes.

Kvas B Drug
Short Story

h h

Kvas Story

Spoken Word
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