Kitten Johnson has been in various renditions of ""Kitten's Pharmacy"" and then just ""Pharmacy"" since the early 90's - This version, started in October 2010, Jonny Spit was at a party at Kitten's house when he offered to ""Sit In"" - Little did he know he would soon be the main guitar player. Joined by Eric from Gravitorium on Bass and Jayden NeckRed on Drums, Pharmacy played through the Winter in La Mesa, then played a few shows up at the Rainbow in Hollywood where they were loved by the owner. Then Eric Gravitorium had to quit, and new bassist Ramone Ramones is learning all the songs! We'll be ready to go in about a week...

Well, it's about 3 years later, and Ramone Ramones is out, for a while we had Bury-Bury on Bass, now we have Temoc Sutton.

Bastards In Arms
We Are The Bastards that Put You IN Your Place!

The artist has designated this song as non-chartable.

Classic Punk
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Games of Domination: Who gets to be ON TOP?

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Regarding Sean and Ilk

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6/23/2015 12:41:58 PM
We still have about 15 CDs left over from our first pressing, 5 bucks each! send us a PM!


5/28/2011 1:56:23 PM
thanks from Kitten of Pharmacy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we love this

Neil w Young

5/27/2011 10:18:58 PM
Just stopping in to say hello and to welcome you to the growing worldwide community of artists and listeners at IAC Music … you will find a wide range of great music here as well as artists and support staff anxious and willing to help you find your way around. Jump right in and begin enjoying the experience.

Best wishes,



5/18/2011 2:50:23 AM
Well Fook a Dook!



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It's been a few years since Ramone Ramones replaced Eric Lucy-O, and even he's gone too. For a while we had Bury-Bury on Bass, finally we found Temoc Sutton, one of the original members of The Downs Family. We have a new CD "Wrack and Roll" - contact us and we'll get one to you, 5 bucks each. plus shipping, maybe a buck or so, Next Show is at The Merrow, in San Diego, May 26th
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