The quirky punk rock band Meat Cigars emerged before Seattle ever dreamed of becoming the grunge capital. The band formed on Christmas Eve in 1986 with David Friedman and Doyle Stewart. Several months later, ex-Surf Trio bass player David Meyer and his wife Jane joined Meat Cigars; drummer Chuck Sullivan joined by May 1987 and Meat Cigars self-released Addictions and Predictions. The Where's My Picture? EP appeared on Dead Moon's Tombstone Records in summer 1988. For the next two years, this particular lineup established itself on the West Coast punk circuit, finally making Portland its home base before the decade's end. In 1988, Friedman left the band and found solace in Seattle. Stewart joined him a year later, as did fellow Seattle locals Eric Gable (keyboards) and Randy Chapman (guitar). Meat Cigars had a new band and a new home, and by 1990 they were back in the studio. Drummer Pete ""The Beat"" Langhans was added to the punk-pop fray in time to record with famed Seattle producer/engineer Conrad Uno (Mudhoney, Presidents of the United States of America). Meat Cigars covered two singles with Uno ""Drive Home Drunk"" and ""Mr. Sguiggly"" but they wouldn't see the light of day until 1992 when they were issued as a joint single on Tombstone. By this time, Meat Cigars had faded away in punk history.

Old People In Cars

Heavy Alternative
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Since I've Come to Jesus (live)
Live at Speedy O'Tubbs Bellingham WA 1989

Country Gospel
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Don't Shoot Me! (I'm White) (live)
Live at Speedy O'Tubbs Bellingham WA 1989

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Mr. Squiggly
All about a girl's best friend.

indie alternative
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A synopsis of "The Stranger" by Albert Camus.

ska rock
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Drug Pig
We've all met this guy at a party. Maybe you ARE that guy.

Old School Punk
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Don't Shoot Me! (I'm White!)
A song written after civil disobedience in Cincinnati.

College Rock
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