instrumental music composed by all 4 original members of the 3rd Phase blues Band along with a WONDERFULL video winning the excellency prize certs from My Block °Music tv in Berkeley , CA - video title ARTISTS IN THE NATURE

Easy Listening/Soft Rock
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Suffering Blues
Suffering Blues ,in italian Blues Sofferto is a deep romantic italian blues feeling. It was recorded live without any later additions at the famous music club Le Scimmie in Milano (Italy) - It is considered one of the main example of the new music school of the 3rd phase or Trifase in Italian. Mauro Bocchini singer, Luke the duke harmonica , Beppe Ciaccio percussion and Trino on the lead guitar.

Blues Rock
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Three Phase Blues Band

6/2/2017 5:30:33 PM
Blues is arrived to his 3rd phase . Three Phase Blues Band is serious about that as their blues is intended for people ,in the people and with the people . Their music it's a total evolution in lyrics and composing ,it is like a going back to the beginning of jazz or blues in 1930 or so but everithing it is created their on the spot in a second .This is pure music Art.



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Milano italy
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Three Phase Blues Band