Broomstick Witches has been riding the soundwaves of the music underground since the spring of 2002. I sing my songs through four characters:

1.) Metamorf....androgynous creature from the galaxy Andromeda....

2.) Johnny Blackstone....a pirate punk rock vampire....

3.) Psykogothikis....a demon rocker from hell....

4.) Rick Supernatural....a magical wizard....

more songs coming soon....some old and some new....all born out of my surrealistic imagination....

One-Way Ticket To MARS
a song about a one way ticket to MARS....a social commentary on the times we live in....a satire of modern life....

One Way Ticket To Mars from Rick Supernatural on Vimeo.

Reggae Rock
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She Bleeds For Love
about a woman who is lonely and bleeds for love....

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Paris Hilton Meets Godzilla
a horror gothic comedy song....

dark humor
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