While recently recording some keyboard tracks for rock band THIRD OF NEVER, legendary WHO keyboardist John ""Rabbit"" Bundrick started a collaboration with THIRD OF NEVER guitarist Jon Dawson. The two worked on some material that was nothing like THE WHO or THIRD OF NEVER, and the resulting tracks have been best categorized as electronica. An instant soundtrack for any day or night.

The band's debut CD, "Echoes and Booms", available at www.jamrecordings.com.

The Escape

h h

Intrigue At The Peach House

Electronic Groove
h h

down-tempo beats mixed with Hammond B-3 and trippy dialog from a land far, far away.

h h

That's Okay
Trance inducing keyboards, trippy found sounds and squiggles, and Andy Warhol's accountant giving you the low-dowwwwwwwwn.

h h

Midnight Exit 303

Electronic Experimental
h h

Aries Lounge

h h

Flu Soup

h h

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ELECTRIC FORGIVENESS (John Bundrick/Jon Dawson)

10/30/2008 5:14:53 PM
Our debut CD, "Echoes and Booms", is now available from Jam Records.


ELECTRIC FORGIVENESS (John Bundrick/Jon Dawson)

3/20/2006 8:52:41 AM
Currently in Highland Park mixing the THIRD OF NEVER album. Hoping to meet up with my friend Sarah to discuss a little film work.




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arkitektonski brk You like to show your legs that is ok I like them. Cool is interesting song sounds like from discover chanell for some mision in space.Intrigue at the peach house I like it more. It's very how should I say, fency, very nice, I feel like I'm on the beach
arhitektonski brk flu soup is relaxing, Female vocal sounds like Hawking so fit in this space atmopshere. I see just now that you are two guys. You have very nice girl on the picture for Cool. Can you give me her number :). That's okay vocal sounds like george bush :)
arhitektonski brk all in all this isn't really my cup of tea but it's relaxing exscept sounds of airplains. Airplains are stresfull for me and they sound stressfull. You are ok, by
Dr Bol Terribol I long for hulucinogenics again or maybe actually this is better
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ELECTRIC FORGIVENESS (John Bundrick/Jon Dawson)