Hello and welcome to a new experience in alternative and complimentary health therapies. As a former health professional I feel qualified and experienced enough to produce these therapeutic soundscapes. As a musician I'm confident that these mini sessions will be pleasant experiences.
The combination of sensory sonics and calming vocal presentation is the secret to the success of "Seeds of relaxation" the first CD from RELAXPAX

The purpose of uploading samples here is to get feedback from interested potential users of relaxing, therapeutic and inspirational packages. To this end I will be seeking out your comments and experiences and I thank you in anticipation.

Seeds of relaxation (The healing mind)
The mind is the healing instrument playing the lead in this sound therapy. A spoken introduction precedes some demonstrative vocal guidance and gentle prompting. The purpose is to master, control and repair illness, pain and disease. Ideal as a supplement to more traditional intrusive therapies

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Seeds of relaxation (The sleep switch)
After a spoken introduction, the listener goes on a sonic search to the edge of consciousness.......and beyond. The clever arrangement gives a total sleep experience - you become at one with the sounds.

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Gravis and Wright Fusion

5/1/2009 10:39:06 AM
Powerful stuff, almost hypnotic, well done, more please!

Tony Vani and Debbie Hoskin

11/30/2008 3:26:37 PM
Very nice! Headphones are a must. They really enhance the effects of these compositions............very powerful.

The vocals are very soothing, not irritating like other relaxation/healing CD's on the commercial market. Great work. Keep at it for sure. You're on to something great here. Deb



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Relaxpax Samples to fo;;ow at a later date.
Deb Is that you Jilly? Great! Excellent pieces. I'm enjoying all of them.
Dave The sleep track is amazing, I don't think I got to the end yet. I just got the full CD from your site and I totally reccomend it.
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