When we take just a glimpse inside Michael's journey this is what he says "My career as a musician started many years ago.
Im a graduate of Audio Recording Technology Institute, Islandia, NY.

My back ground in music started in school with fusion jazz/rock/latin music. In the 80's I got into New Wave and in the 90's Industrial Rock.

I have had the privilege to work with Producer Brian Hardin of Nashville, TN. Brian Hardin produced my Industrial songs Eyes Shed the Tears and Look of Grace which received national airplay. I also worked with Producer Tom Shike which co-produced and recorded my 80's Techno Rock EP. I was the keyboardist/songwriter for the band "Walk on Water" with poet Billy Lamont.

In the late 90"s I was also the keyboardist/songwriter in the Industrial band "The Way Sect Bloom". with Jeff Bruce and Joe Galiter, I wrote and recorded with the band the song Illumina, from the CD "Effloresce & GOD"which charted the Top 40. I also recorded and produced with Jeff Bruce on many of the songs. www.answers.com/topic/the-way-sect-bloom

Michael Cruz was also featured as an Indie artist in the April 2001 CCM magazine. "

Currently M-Cruz is out performing for his new release 40 Days Prodigal. Recently Michael filmed the music video in New York for the song 40 Days Prodigal. The video was filmed and directed by Rob Merkle. chk out www.myspace.com/mcruzmusic

Michael cruz just signed a licensing media agreement with UIV www.unityinvalues.com. M-Cruz music video "40 Day Prodigal", was chosen by Yessica Trejo, a producer for VivaVision.com

Unity In Values, the leader in Christian mobile content, is a Christian organization dedicated to the promotion of the values needed to maintain strong, unified families through the world's most popular communication device, the mobile phone. Available through wireless carriers, Unity In Values has a series of compelling services, including mobile video, ringbones, wallpapers and applications, to help young people pursue a life in Christ and provide them with tools to evangelize the Word of God.

M-Cruz is committed to spreading the good news of Christ in all forms of media. The "40 Days Prodigal" music video will now air nation wide through the mobile world, cable and satellite, viewed by millions you can view it at www.m-cruz.com.

James Van Nostrom also interviewed Michael for the Gospel Explosion show in New York.

Michael is currently recording his new Industrial CD in his new home studio. The new cd project will be called "UpWordSpiral" and is also the name of the band for a 2007 release.


Look of Grace

Licensed Cover

Industrial/Beat Rock
h h

40 Day Prodigal

Licensed Cover

Alternative Modern Rock
h h

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Mister Error

1/21/2008 10:56:47 AM
Hello M-CRUZ , Great Song ,, 40 Day Prodigal ,, .

Think Big and Kick Ass.

Mister Error from Germany


2/26/2007 7:22:08 PM
03/17/2007 07:00 PM - Holy Grounds Coffee House [Edit] [Cancel]
130 W. Old Country Rd.
Hicksville, New York 11801-4008
Cost: N/A
Description: Holy Grounds Coffee House Located at the United Methodist Church of Hicksville 130 W. Old Country Rd. Hicksville, NY 11801-4008 516-931-2626 M-Cruz will be performing his "40 Days Prodigal" tour unplugged.


11/4/2006 2:53:52 PM
check us out at http://www.myspace.com/mcruzmusic


11/4/2006 2:44:57 PM
It's here the New Music video from M-CRUZ

In this big worshipful modern rock project, M-Cruz steps up to bring his fans a whole new sound with enhanced production. Big sounding guitars, keyboards and percussion accompany Songs and themes of his personal journey.
Click on the link and enjoy and please pass it on to your freinds......M-Cruz



4/24/2006 10:18:45 PM
HI GUYS. I hope your enjoying the new song "40 DAYS PRODIGAL".
if you'ed like to here more songs from the new cd please go to www.m-cruz.com.
i really would like to know what you think of the "40 DAYS PRODIGAL" song,so ahead and leave your comments at the site.

thanks again....m-cruz



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In this big modern rock project,
M-Cruz steps up to to bring his fans a whole new sound with enhanced production. Songs and themes of his personal journey are accompanied by big sounding guitars, keyboards and percussion.

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