More songs on the way, if you could just bear with us. ;-)

Let Your Love Surround Me

h h

My shy Girl
Let there be rock

h h

As I Hold You

Easy Listening/Soft Rock
h h

Sunset By the River
Inspired by a glorious day on the waterfront

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
h h

my old lady
"Medway Delta Blues" - Brian Booth

h h

World News
Balls Out, Just gets faster and louder as it goes on.

h h

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Our Mutual Friends

6/13/2006 3:43:59 PM
I almost left out a top shout to Ed,(O.M.F),top riffmeister and sound engineer extrordinaire.Looking forward to finishing and polishing those in the pipeline and writing many more with your good self and Paulitos.Let's get cooking!!!

Our Mutual Friends

6/13/2006 2:06:50 PM
Great to finally be out there.Thanks to Paul for kicking us up the backside.Many more tracks in the pipeline.Looking forward to getting other artists opinions/comments.All very encouraging stuff.Cheers evryone on IAC and of course to the multi-talented Brian Booth.
S.Blackmore O.M.F

Our Mutual Friends

6/2/2006 6:25:17 PM
I'm not sure what happened in the last few hours but we have gone up so many places in so few hours I'm not sure who to thank, so thanlyou all!

Our Mutual Friends

5/17/2006 6:46:25 AM
What an enormous place, I havent done a stitch of work In days. We have been delaying sharing our musical musings with people for so long, It's excellent to find a friendly place where it is possible. Like to thank Brian Booth for harrassing us to do it. - Paul Kicks (Our Mutual Friends)



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roy great stuff man bring out more . cheers
S.B(O.M.F) Muchos graciousHermano.Our friends in Scotland-missing you guys like crazy.Thanks for the encouragement,hope you like the next lot we put up.See you real soon.xx
roy hi listening to your tunes again its about time we had some decent tunes.cheers lads missing you all loads. next batch please .
may been listening to your tunes again, especially like "my old lady" lookin forward to getting the album. xxx
Brian Booth/Serendipity Hello - this is a new station, in which I'm asking artists who've been on serendipity stations to nominate one of their songs, new or old, for inclusion, with a brief review of what you like about it. Hope you can join in
Paul Kicks(omf) Cheers roy, Cheers may. Should be another one up next week. watch this space.
brian you've made it on to one of my fave stations - whcih is more than I have (sob)
brian (again) note for US readers - 'sob' in this case is a woeful tear gulped back, not a TLA ( three-letter acronym)
Brian Booth/Serendipity Delighted to add My Shy Girl here
may my shy girl is ROCKIN keep em comin guysxx
ASh I'm hereeee! sorry for the delay. going to let you rock my ash off...hitting play button now
Ash Dang.... incredible group of talented friends..envy!
Ash Do you have a radio station? I want to link up with it.
Paul Kicks(omf) yes ash, Spice of life and Vos es in meis mens
brian Interesting cover here...
Ed (OMF) Hi all, I have just uploaded some artwork created by Simon check them out in the Photo gallery
KOMODO WAGON hey hey - wow, I'm listening in mono at the moment until I sort out my speakers again, but my shy girl is definately rockin now -
KOMODO WAGON hey hey - wow, I'm listening in mono at the moment until I sort out my speakers again, but my shy girl is definately rockin now -
Artist Gallery Hi - New Station - for songs with a painting/drawing by the recording artist...referred here by Brian Booth...I see you've got paintings in your gallery, but not on your songs...
Curator/Artist Gallery Hi! I'm adding "My Shy Girl" - but would you please confirm that Simon is a band member? Thanks!
Gallery Nevermind - I see he sang the song...thx...
Curator Sorry! Fixed!!
Ed(OMF) Hi everyone I have just added our latest song hope you enjoy, its a rocky kinda number.
Brian Booth/Serendipity More than happy to add your latest here - thanks
brian (again) Ed - thanks for the nice words, remastered (by IAC) version of StS now up
News and weather Welcome to the station - Jilly
Ash Please if you hear from Brian Booth, let him know we're all concerned if he is ok we hope.
Ash Good News! Brian is alive and well. I posted info on the Station Shoutbox
* Your song 'Girl of my Dreams' has just been added to Arcadian Heights station!
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