A Brief Biog of The Pale

The Pale formed in Dublin in 1990 with Matthew Devereux on vocals Shane Wearen on Mandolins
Sean Molloy on Bass and a cheap as chips drum machine taking care of the beats.
They released an award winning debut album on A&M records in 1992 called (Here's one we made earlier)
The debut album and live shows received critical praise internationally.
The singles from that debut (Dogs with no tails) (Butterfly) and (Shut up venus) did well in both Ireland and the UK.
The highest chart positions came in Turkey, Israel and France and has given rise to succesfull cover versions of their songs
released in Turkey over the last decade.

As the group have toured they have added and subtracted instruments and players to the line-up.
The mainstay of the group has remained to be the unique sound conjured up by Matthew and Shane.
Over the years the music papers have compared them to artists like Tom Waits,The Violent Femmes and The Specials.
The Sound of the group is one of ethnic fusion and is often referred to as eclectic and quirky.
Over the years The Pale have recorded five live sessions for RTE radio and a further two for BBC radio.
The most recent session was recorded for John Kelly's The Mystery Train for which they debuted new songs from their upcoming album.

Fast forward to 2006 and The Pale are still playing live dates and releasing new records albeit independently.
The lastest record is called (The Final Garden E.P) and is available on their own label called Devereux Records.
Recently The Pale have re-recorded their single (Butterfly) in their native Irish for a compilation called (Ceol'06) which charted in the Top Ten.
A live track from The Pale called (Slope) has just been released on a compilation called (The Garden Sessions) out now on RMG.
All proceeds from this record go to The Irish Hospice Foundation.
The Pale have just completed recording a new album due for release this year with Q (aka Colm Quearney) in the production seat.
Over the course of the last few years Matthew Devereux and Shane Wearen have collaborated with a number of different artists
and their main strength as a group is that they always think outside the box.

The Good Ship

h h

Church Of Bones

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Beyond the Pale (Bewleys Cafe Theatre Dublin)
March the 2nd 2006 Irish Independent Day and night magazine Date:March 10th 2006
Title:Beyond the Pale
Venue:(Bewley's Cafe Theatre Dublin) 4 out of 5 stars

The Pale could easily be mistaken for a novelty band.
They dress theatrically and grin broadly when performing, as though being on stage, playing their songs, was the most fun in the world.
Many years ago, they went so far to score a novelty hit, a ditzy ode to self-discovery called Butterfly.
Naturally, many people assumed - and continue to assume - the Dublin group to be cute, quirky and not to be taken seriously.
These people couldn't be more wrong, of course.
The extrovert trappings are an unnecessary distraction; there is nothing daft or silly about the Pale.
In fact, they write extravagant torch songs, full of heartbreak and crushing melancholy, but also excuding an insatiable hunger for life.
It is not by coincidence that their lynchpin is mandolin player Shane Wearen- his crackling fretwork has the frantic energy of a small tornado.
That the Pale are still around will be news to many.
They apparently petered out in the 1990's, killed off by the rise of Britpop and record company difficulties.
Recently, Wearen and frontman Matthew Devereux re-convened with the intention of making the definitive Pale album.
They stepped back into the public gaze last summer, supporting Antony and the johnsons in Dublin.
The Pale very nearly blew Antony off stage- he later joked of wanting to become the group's singer.
One of the purposes of this concert is to road test new material (former Lir guitarist Colm 'Q' Quearney is along to fill out the band's sound).
The venue, above the old Bewleys coffe house, is, by tradition, a cabaret room.
Short of the trio playing in your kitchen, it is hard to conceive of surroundings more intimate.
Small venues often faze musicians who do not relish looking their audience in the eye.
The Pale embrace the cosy setting. Devereux, a flinty Dub with a super-sized personality, appears particularly chuffed to be here.
One imagines those years in limbo, when he dreamed of putting the Pale back together again.
He has the air of a person whose dearest wish has come true.
It probably has. Some of the current songs feel like short stories set to music; several are nakedly political.
A few reject the conventions of pop entirely, seeming to collapse into the listener's arms in an exaggerated swoon.
The Pale are gracious enough to disinter Butterfly and Dogs With No Tails, another old hit.
They don't need to.
The new stuff sounds even better.
Ed Power
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