Well,I am guitarist and music producer.I leed advanced seminar for the guitar and there I have 15 very talented students.In my studio I work as a producer of my and other projects,and music for doc.films.With my very talented mandolin player and really good girlfriend have a duo that plays classical music.Always in some new world of music is what makes me happy.


Smooth Jazz
h h


Smooth Jazz
h h

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Miles Cope

2/26/2008 6:49:05 AM
Yes Jimmy
I just checked out your two tunes, More Please!!!!! You are one fine young guitarist and in the softjazz genre the best I have heard here on IAC if you ever need a vocal or some lyric drop me a line.

Hattie Wilcox

2/20/2008 2:34:28 PM
Hey Jimmy--Checking out your tunes. What's not to love? Speaks to me.
All the best, Hattie


2/17/2008 4:21:13 PM
Well that IS very tasty-----nice licks---great production!!

Andy Broad

2/16/2008 1:09:38 PM
Hi there,
Nice tone you've got on that guitar playing!
Nice licks too!



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