She is a reader, reactionary, visionary, learner, dancer, speaker, observer, singer, creator, chooser and many other vibrant attributes. As a creative receiver, Nakia draws her influences from her roots and the powerful surroundings she experiences. Born in the Motor City at the pulse of Hitsville, USA, Nakia Henry naturally embraced the performing arts. Her calling lead her to dance, towards New Orleans, LA where she attended Dillard University for 2 years majoring in Theater. She completed her studies in New York City at Fordham University, receiving her bachelors in Theatre Arts. And as if it were written in the stars, shortly after graduation, Nakia made her Broadway debut in "Hot Feet" a musical that danced to the rhythm of Earth, Wind and Fire. And after it was all said and done, Nakia remained in New York, calling it her sanctuary for creativity. "My music is the music of our ancestors residing in outer space. It tells the story of love, struggle, and empowerment." The art of expression is her soul doing – which she humorously describes as “Angels workin’ in the field”. Nakia’s sound is certainly from the soul. You may witness the soulful sound blossoming at one of your favorite places to hear soulful tunes in NYC. TO BOOK NAKIA PLEASE EMAIL booknakiahenry at gmail dot com, or call two one two, seven six nine, eight one two one ~Nakia

From her debut album "Remember Me" available January 2009, everywhere digitally, you can preview/PURCHASE it now at

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THE ALBUM IS CALLED "REMEMBER ME" AND ITS HERE!!!! Thank you to the listeners on this site for your support, I do not take it for granted. Preview/PURCHASE the album on ...


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