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IndieMusicPeople.com       The GeeBees
The most coveted bunnies at IAC

We represent all the accolades that good indie artists should receive. We seek out the cream at IAC and award them their dues. In our opinion the prizes often go to the most hyped bands and sometimes these are not the most talented, interesting, listenable or original and we want to redress the balance on one of the largest indie platforms online.

We also award GeeBees to Non-artists for their services and support to the cause of indie music and musicians.

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Dick Aven   Awarded a GeeBee May 6 2009
Tony Vani and Debbie Hoskin   Debbie Hoskin was awarded a GeeBee on May 6 2009
Steve Ison   Steve Ison received a GeeBees on May 6 2009
Bob Elliott   Bob Elliott received a GeeBee on May 8th, 2009.
  Nominated for a GeeBee May 15 2009
Little Boots   Nominated for a GeeBee May 15 2009
Jeff Allen Myers   Nominated on May 15
Kathy Chiavola   Awarded a Country GeeBee for Edgar May 15 2009
Phlegm   GeeBee nominee May 15 2009

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bt hahaha.....golden kayaks --now bunnies, next gophers and badgers
bookmark>iacmusic.com>iacer lay agolden bunny egg pweeze
The GeeBees Take us seriously my friend - you have no idea how much you could gain from befriending us
whooohooo! yummmy
TGB Sorry but the most congenial anon award has been given out already but thanks for the enthusiasm sarcastic or genuine we do appreciate acknowledgement
Bob Elliott I'm honored to receive my bunny...
Dick Aven YUM! There's chocolate inside!
his lowness this is a great idea for such an award
Debbie Well I am totally honored to recieve this cute little gold bunny on my page. Thank you so much.
Steve Ison Very honoured indeed Ms GeeBee..Thanks for leaving such a lovely message on my page too :)
JAM Hey I am nominated!!! very cool :) I appeciate the nod... Jeff
Hey thanks for the GeeBee -- I'll cherish this sweet & tasty Chocolate bunny forev--uh--foreve-- uh for a while..... urrr.... at least until I gobble it up in a choco-craving frenzy !!!! -pHLeGm
Butterfly I've been remiss in my acknowledgement of receiving a GeeBee... I appreciate the thoughtfulness in the kindness expressed... and lol, others misspellings don't bother me you silly, just my own.
JAM Where Be My BeeGee??? I have been nominated since May, Come on now, gimme that Chocolate Bunny :)
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