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About Me
life summary
I was born, I lived, I died, I fucked something up and had to try again. You'd think at some point I'd say "To Hell with this!"
I live for…
a moment.
I despise
Pizza, Injustice, most Rap Music, Ravers, Hungry Ghosts, Puritanical Motherfuckers with no sense of humor, sharks, and unevolved creatures...likely that this includes you. Go ahead prove me wrong.
self-chosen nickname
Rev R. Most folks just call me Rev. Feel free to call me "Your Divine Holiness"
life turning point
During a recent trip to NOLA, I came to the realization that everything is fleeting(again). Be who you are, give and take every last drop of love that you can.
in 10 years I'll be
in 10 minutes I'll be
experience of high strangeness
My entire life is a chain of High Strangeness
most overrated
Republicans...really...humans need to experience some real evil in this world.
most underrated
Me of course
my advice to you
Be Here Now Beeyach!!

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Blessings Upon All

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6/21/2006 12:25:46 PM
Net Neutrality Goes to the US Senate.

6/21/2006 12:14:44 PM

6/21/2006 12:00:49 PM
Eno and Byrne allow open remixing

6/15/2006 4:10:38 PM
Ask A Ninja

6/13/2006 6:03:11 PM
Hope is Emo




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      8/20/2006 1:12:11 AM Add Comment
i was listening to you today, , and reading you..

you kick ass!

much love, rev.

Intergalactic Church of the Almighty Rod

      6/24/2006 7:10:29 AM Add Comment
Real Muslims do not blow up buses.
Real Christians do not blow up abortion clinics.
Real Environmentalists do not set fire to acres of SUV's.

Folks that do this stuff are just bastards.

Save the world, don't be a bastard.

~ Rev R

Intergalactic Church of the Almighty Rod

      6/15/2006 4:38:28 PM Add Comment
Another Double Shot Today

Firewood becomes ash, and it does not become firewood again. Yet, do not suppose that the ash is future and the firewood past. You should understand that firewood is firewood, which fully includes past and future. Ash is ash, which fully includes future and past. Just as firewood does not become firewood again after it is ash, you do not return to birth after death.

-Dogen, "Actualizing the Fundamental Point"

Although you may understand the explanations, if you are still suffering because of problems, you clearly do not understand the true nature of your mind, your body, and your senses.

-Lama Zopa Rinpoche, "Transforming Problems Into Happiness"

Intergalactic Church of the Almighty Rod

      6/11/2006 7:27:49 PM Add Comment

Generosity begins with our recognition of our debt to others.

-Master Hsing Yun, "Describing the Indescribable"


      6/10/2006 3:00:44 PM Add Comment
gracious one, play the universe as an empty shell wherein your mind frolics infinitely!

Centering, #33

Intergalactic Church of the Almighty Rod

      6/7/2006 6:29:04 PM Add Comment
For some years now, students have not been getting to the root of the aim of Zen, instead taking the verbal teachings of Buddhas and Zen masters to be the ultimate rule. That is like ignoring a hundred thousand pure clear oceans and only focusing attention on a single bubble.


Intergalactic Church of the Almighty Rod

      6/7/2006 6:28:11 PM Add Comment
He who treads the Path in earnest
Sees not the mistakes of the world;
If we find fault with others
We ourselves are also in the wrong.

-The Sutra of Hui Neng

Intergalactic Church of the Almighty Rod

      6/7/2006 6:27:44 PM Add Comment
By self alone is evil done, by self alone does one suffer.
By self alone is evil left undone,
by self alone does one obtain Salvation.
Salvation and Perdition depend upon self; no man can save another.

-Dhammapada 165

Intergalactic Church of the Almighty Rod

      6/1/2006 6:32:55 PM Add Comment
Attentiveness is the path to true life;
Indifference is the path to death.
The attentive do not die;
The indifferent are as if they are dead already.

-Dhammapada(bastards are shirking their duties no chapter is listed and my copy is a different translation)


      5/31/2006 10:48:45 AM Add Comment
cause and effect ... as if the head of the cat causes the tail. the word is not the thing.

Intergalactic Church of the Almighty Rod

      5/24/2006 12:16:29 PM Add Comment
24 May 2006

If you want to know the past, to know what has caused you, look at yourself in the present, for that is the past’s effect. If you want to know your future, then look at yourself in the present, for that is the cause of the future.

-Majjhima Nikaya

Intergalactic Church of the Almighty Rod

      5/23/2006 1:47:42 PM Add Comment
23 May 2006

To probe deep into your roots:
The ignorance and confusion are you yourself.
The preconceptions which are yourself
Are envoys and agents sent by yourself.

-"Drinking the Mountain Stream: Songs of Tibet's Beloved Saint, Milarepa"


      5/21/2006 7:05:18 PM Add Comment
rev,, i love the little quips and wisdom-bites you leave. , ,,,i read something once that said something like "the mind is a bright mirror.. diligently polish the mirror and don't let dust collect". . ... it was just a few days ago i read that and i thought of you. you quote wonderful people and you have wonderful things to say yourself. you reflect well. thanks for that. well, all that, and yr a funny motherfucker!!!! (as one should be!) this page is fantastic!!!!

Intergalactic Church of the Almighty Rod

      5/13/2006 8:58:30 AM Add Comment
I cannot speak the truth, yet I never lie.

Intergalactic Church of the Almighty Rod

      5/10/2006 11:36:02 PM Add Comment
When there is no self, there is no enemy.

~The Old Cat from a samurai legend


      5/9/2006 5:11:26 PM Add Comment

Intergalactic Church of the Almighty Rod

      5/4/2006 12:18:39 PM Add Comment
"Do not listen to anything anyone tells you, including me, unless it fits with your own knowledge and experience."

Saying attributed to Guatama Buddha

Intergalactic Church of the Almighty Rod

      5/3/2006 5:33:37 PM Add Comment
Somebody come to Catonsville and bring me a cigarette before I destroy this planet!!!


      5/3/2006 4:48:20 PM Add Comment
omg Rev .. lol .. I am sorry I don't know wtf I did there ... ha ha ha

good grief ... thank god you can delete those screw ups !! ha ha ha

Intergalactic Church of the Almighty Rod

      4/26/2006 12:36:47 PM Add Comment
The best swords remain in their sheaths because blunt force trauma gets the message across so much better.

Intergalactic Church of the Almighty Rod

      4/25/2006 4:01:49 PM Add Comment
periodic wizdumb

All craftspeople ply their trade, and spiritual aspirants are no different. They have trained their minds, not their hands.

6. The Wise Person, verse 60

Intergalactic Church of the Almighty Rod

      4/10/2006 12:41:47 PM Add Comment

"If you want to tell me that stars are not words then stop calling them stars!"
~Jack Kerouac

Intergalactic Church of the Almighty Rod

      4/8/2006 12:38:52 PM Add Comment

from taopage.org

"Are there anymore masters nowadays?" I asked Master Lu during one of our afternoon conversations. "Yes", he answered laconically, and then again, serenely:

"There are three kinds of masters: involuntary masters, voluntary masters, and the master- teaching."

"Three kinds?" I said in amazement. "I thought there are masters and nothing more."

"Involuntary masters" - Master Lu resumed without paying attention to my remark - "are those from whom you learn mechanically. Their life or a moment of it is like a teaching to you, like an open book where one can read what is useful or not for oneself. Voluntary masters are those considering they have something to teach you, therefore they take over the teacher's role with its advantages and disadvantages. Some of them get money, others reputation… And then there is the master-teaching growing like a tree within each of us. All you have to do is to be silent and listen, and the teaching will be born inside you, just as a babe is born inside the woman!"

"Quite an odd classification," I remarked. "Still, which of them are the most helpful for people?"

"The involuntary masters are helpful, even if they are not aware of that. The voluntary ones are helpful and not. But the deepest and finest teaching is the one growing inside your being, like a tree: it is the fruit of your listening - while you become the fruit of its efficiency. For what is not efficient will not last…"

"By the way, Master, which category do you fall into?" I added.

"None of them. I'm an auxiliary."

Intergalactic Church of the Almighty Rod

      4/6/2006 8:32:35 AM Add Comment

"Abosrb what is useful, discard the rest."
~Bruce Lee

Intergalactic Church of the Almighty Rod

      4/4/2006 3:59:39 PM Add Comment

"You will find that many of the truths that we cling to depend greatly on one's own point of view."
~Obi Wan Kenobi

Intergalactic Church of the Almighty Rod

      4/3/2006 7:59:42 PM Add Comment
I'm the Lord and Master
You are all bastards!!
Worship Me!
or I'll stab you eyes 'til you bleed!
I'm the Lord and Master.

That's me ya sonofabitch!
~Foamy the Squirrel

Intergalactic Church of the Almighty Rod

      4/1/2006 10:25:46 AM Add Comment
Daily Wizdumb

Like fresh milk, it takes time for a bad deed to turn sour. Like a smouldering fire, it burns the novice slowly.

5. The Novice, Verse 71

Intergalactic Church of the Almighty Rod

      3/31/2006 10:08:06 AM Add Comment
A Double Shot of Wizdumb

Since I've been in a Slack Trance for a little while...

Selfishness corrupts, as weeds choke a field. Be free of selfishness, and honour those who are also free.
24. Desires, verse 359

Just because a person begs for their daily needs, it does not mean they are living a proper life. Look for chastity, non-attachment, and discipline in practice before you award such an accolade.
19 A Proper Life, verses 266 & 267

Intergalactic Church of the Almighty Rod

      3/17/2006 4:09:47 PM Add Comment
Daily Wizdumb

If you are virtuous and live a proper life, there will be no wanting in your life. This is in accord with nature.
Anguttara Nikaya

Intergalactic Church of the Almighty Rod

      3/16/2006 5:35:11 PM Add Comment
The thought just occurred to me that what the world needs is real leaders not these ivy league suits who have been bred and groomed specifically to hold power over us pesants. I thought the whole reason we dumped tea in Boston Harbor was to be rid of self perpetuating autocracies.

Intergalactic Church of the Almighty Rod

      3/15/2006 3:41:16 PM Add Comment
Today's Pearl of Wizdumb:

There is a time for the truth to be revealed to you. If you don't believe it then it is your loss.

Intergalactic Church of the Almighty Rod

      3/14/2006 10:37:35 AM Add Comment
Am I angry at something? No but I assure you that I am quite mad.

Shauna Skye_

      3/13/2006 6:56:26 PM Add Comment
Hi Rev! :)

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