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Thursday, April 20, 2017 11:35:19 PM
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Heavy Rotation
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Alternative Desperado


Written by: Sharon Middendorf
Published by: Ten Wings Music/ASCAP

Song Comments

More Great Songs by Great Acts
Then after those great songs this softer classic. How is this band not a household name? I love them!!

This is a grabber from note one, but listen all the way through, else you'll miss the twice-repeated tangent bridge that really works.

Golden Kayak Nominees 2017

TonyGirl's Favorites
I love the bass. I love the melody and all the feelings that and the lyrics deliver. I love her voice, it's pure. I love the celtic vibes of the song and the guitars and melody in the end in the " keep on, keep on " - part.

eYe 2
Lovely easy listening smooth vibe from MOTORBABY, mellow, engaging and inviting, There sweet touches of synth floating about with the Bgs way in the back. Builds and builds and rocks more and more ,dynamics is what I dig, Its the variation and change ups that keep you riveted. This is a great happening band with all the right pieces. eYe yi yi

Heavy Rotation
One of the very top songs sitewide, all time.

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