Dweller on the HillYokva
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Thursday, May 25, 2017 4:33:19 PM
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Thursday, May 25, 2017 5:01:30 PM
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This is the title track of the Yokva EP. Heavy sludgy chunky guitar on the verse and the chorus opens up w/ more arpeggiation. Screaming falsetto w/ a supportive octave beneath for vocals. Hope that sounds good to you.

written by: Evan Gackstatter
produced by: Evan Gackstatter
Evan Gackstatter- vocals, guitar, bass, keys
Josh Jones- drums

Inspired by a journey to Chaco canyon in New Mexico, exploring the beautiful landscape and ruins of an ancient society. I got into an argument w/ an "Oil Man" on the plane back to Seattle who had been bragging about hitting golf balls from his boat into the protestors in kayaks blocking the Shell oil rig's entry into Elliot Bay. I had friends in that protest and I myself would have been there if I wasn't already in NM. Later that year the DAPL plans and protests began and by the time I was in the studio for this EP it was a full on war against peace, against the Indigenous Peoples who the westerners annihilated to put a price tag and a jesus fish on every natural resource this land had to offer. This song is inspired by the atrocities western colonialism has brought to the entire world, especially the Indigenous People of the Americas.
you've stayed for too long
the band beneath bled through
the tears they fear will follow you
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well, interestin', big burst of archapello, that sustains, w tympani drums, and pop and ceremony, tho lyrics hard to understand, cool textures, knock me over w feather, kudos...

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