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Burt Bacharach and Dusty Springfield..At least in my head lol

Just a simple song written and recorded in a few hours.I was pretending i was Burt Bacharach trying to write an imaginary song that 60s pop/soul singer Dusty Springfield could sing..Tho it came out nothing like that lol
Guess its too late to ask why
But in the end you know that I know a good thing when it touches my skin
I know that the joy of love will bring us back again..

Go and find the river,free the tide..
Let it take these tears we've cried
Feel the morning sun come like a long lost friend..
To shine a light on our troubles sayin 'i knew it would be alright in the end...'

And if we have to say goodbye..
Well i'll be glad you know that i knew a good thing when i think back there and then..
You gave me a light to follow and you taught me how to find my love again..

(©Steve Ison)
Song Comments

Tympanali 1
Steve Ison is a star. Soon the whole world will know this. I know a good thing, and this song is one.

Psyche Folk
Yeh...'tis me..I'm so proud this songs actually good enough to get on this ace station on merit..

What a beautiful song… deep seeded with positivism in the face of loss. Rising up from the ashes of love’s dead end…simply sentimental…and defiant to tears. A dark night made hopeful towards a newfound sun. A natural reclamation as bitter sweet as the cycle of rain......From ISONTOPES

Epic Soundtracks
I've been singing this to myself alot recently since someone created a thread about it on the BBs here.I love it,but can understand that its moody melancholy isn't to everyones tastes..

The Talent Searcher
The way Steve Ison approach music it´s the right way.This song ,he says, is a mix between Bacharach and Dusty Springfield but the more I hear it the more I hear braziliant music. That´s good for the song is something different for each one´s imagination. Don´t worry Steve , to be passionate and dilettante at the same time will always have you writing ( for your pleasure and ours..)

INDIEcent Exposure
Mmm...nice and mellow. This is a guy walking along a slow river, thinking about mistakes he's made, and the one he let get away. His next thought? How he's gonna get her back.

Folk Goddess Bo-ho Ra-di-o
And so do I (know a good thing, that is... and it's this tune). If anyone's ever heard of Cy Timmons; well, it kinda has that sound to it... acousti-reggae-ish!

What a beautiful song… deep seeded with positivism in the face of loss. Rising up from the ashes of love’s dead end…simply sentimental…and defiant to tears. A dark night made hopeful towards a newfound sun. A natural reclamation as bitter sweet as the cycle of rain.

Dancing with the Dakinis
Great track! This is definatley bacharachesk, and the harmonies are reminiscent of the Carpenters. I want to go and sing it to my loved one right now!

The Lounge..
Lovely brazilian-influenced melancholic haunting mellowness..Loungelicious!

Songs to set the clocks to
I heard this song with the spoken intro by Steve on the Artist speaks station, check it out here -

K-RTRO vol. II
Steve is a cornerstone of IAC. His song "Lou Reed" is to IAC what "Stairway to Heaven" is to FM radio. "I Know A Good Thing" is a great example of Steve's songwriting craftsmanship.

Oxbow Free Radio
Took me long enough to get around to your page, but it was worth the listen. Good stuff all around, Steve.

Rock Goddess
Me too! This is a good thing.

Lost Beatles Tracks?
Not only could the Beatles bossa nova with the best of the 60's, they did a Bacharach tune (though not one of the later great jazz pop tunes like this one).. This tune is just plain pretty... perfect... thanks Steve.

MaryBethKopecknyStrange Brew
He plays and sings straight to the heart. No fat, no filler, just a beautiful sound....Thanks for sharing.

The Peoples Choice!
"My favorite Steve Ison song: I KNOW A GOOD THING. I like it so much I covered it"....Chosen by HUGH HAMILTON

zing! flip! squash!--WATERPLANET radio
Lilting melody, fun and unexpected backing vocals - and is that an egg shaker?

The SLiCe
Lush, acoustic, and pure! Just the way I like it. Great voice going on there too.

Surf's Up
In my head too

Hugo's Thank You Station
My favorite from the Ison catalog - a beautiful openness to the guitar and bass sound, a bit of the characteristically casual sounding approach that makes Steve's work seem effortless, despite the hard work he does in crafting the songs and the sounds. A classic tune for the ages, as far as I'm concerned, and it was a joy to cover it as well. SPECIAL MOMENTS FOR ME: There's a lyric which is either "you gave me a light to follow" or "a lie to follow" and I enjoy not being sure which it is (lol)...that intro guitar, and when the bass comes in...geez, love those Ison vocals...

Crooners (For Fiona)
My favorite song by Steve Ison

very dreamy sequence.... meanders down the plains of the mind.......

I.A.C. Master Songwriters.

serendipity redux
I am so happy to see the boy is still there... He says 'Bacharach', I say 'Pentangle'. (See you in the playground after school.) Impeccable guitar work, swoony transpositions, music to get horizonal to.

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We know one when we hear one...

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