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Friday, March 31, 2006 1:24:14 AM
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Monday, October 27, 2014 8:40:46 AM
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!!! Karnival OF Thrills !!!
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A song about searching

All guitars and vocals, Brian Booth; recorded at Ranscombe Studios, Rochester, Kent, UK, by Jim Riley. Remastered using the IAC service, August 2006

Where Is...

Words and music: Brian Booth, copyright 2005

This is the hand caressed you
This is the heart obsessed you
This is the soul to test you
- I lay them all down

These are the songs we shared, and
These are the risks we dared, and
These are the times we shared
- I lay them all down

Pinpricks of light in the sky
Give up their white, then they die

Here are the ties that bind you
Here are the tears that blind you
Here is our love, behind you
- Take them, they’re yours

Here are the best and worst, and
Here are the last and first, and
Here are the blessed and cursed
- Take them, they’re yours

Mountainous waves cross the sea
Hit land and break, then they’re free

Where are the thoughts we dreamed, and
Where are the plans we schemed, and
Where are those things that seemed
- So perfectly made?

They’re all in their different spaces
They’ve all hidden final traces
They’ve all put on different faces
- Memories fade
Song Comments

Beautiful poetic talent pulling on the heart's strings! A great achievement of art! -M-

... I would like to request "There is" by Brian Booth because of it's uniquness and it's hidden depth amd because of the compassion and the humanity of it's creator ... requested by Raymond Porter...From 'TROUBLED MINDS II'

!!! Karnival OF Thrills !!!
Very meditative and dreamy float the emotions and thoughts amid some spaced out guitar and vocal passages in this tune by Brian Booth as he observes and conveys a moving, musical still-life.

Psyche Folk
Song actually found on Brians Serendipity station..Pyche-folk song with prog descending chord progression and cavernousreverb to give it that spooky feeling..Good track..

-a closet Black Sheep?

serendipity redux
here as a link only

Over The Moon Two
Unusual and original track from this UK artist - thought provoking and intelligent lyrics.

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